Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle #AskKeith

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle #AskKeith

hey guys it’s Keith here! Welcome! to the first and ever #askkeith so I went over to twitter to instagram to ask you guys to ask me some questions and I’m going to answer them what color should I dye my hair? your hair is perfect, just the way it is blue have you worked on your penny boarding since VidCon did you get good grades in school? yes, good enough if you could live in a house made of any kind of food, what would your house be made of your greatest strength (apart from dancing) and weakness that’s my greatest strength opening a jar of pickles on a scale from one to ten of the colors of the rainbow what is your favorite letter of the taste of peanut butter 7 what is your favorite song at the moment are oranges name orange because they are orange or are orange names orange because they are orange? what are you going to do next in the future if you could live anywhere where would it be do you love me? I love you, I love you! if you could be any spice girl, who would it be and why? cinnamon, I love cinnamon if you could collab with anyone, who would it be? Jackie Chan do you like five seconds of summer? yeah favorite band what are your favorite emoji’s how tall are you? this is how tall I am I am six feet two inches tall do you know what to do with that big fat butt? wiggle wiggle wiggle if you were stuck on an island with only three people who would they be? one would have to be an actor, one has to be a youtuber ,and another a character from a book grumpy cat, Jackie Chan, and huckleberry finn can you fart while drinking peanut butter through a straw? and pretending you are a bird? where do you see your self in five years? are you from Maine? where is the water? what is your workout routine? alright guys so those are your questions that you sent me, I answered them aha, what a mess, and if you are not already doing so, follow me on twitter @keithlemelin alright guys so that is all i have for the day so come back next monday, and you will see a whole brand new video that is all I got so you guys have a good day make good choices and peace be with you! bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah

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  1. There was so much of you smashing you face in different substances! Hahahaha and I'm reading huckleberry fin right now

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