Who Can Make Better Butter Chicken – Saransh Goila vs Akash | BuzzFeed India

Who Can Make Better Butter Chicken – Saransh Goila vs Akash | BuzzFeed India

Should I use this or what? Are you asking me? It’s a competition. I’ve f**** it up, I feel. Oh, f****ing hell. I’m stressing… I’m stressing. I think I may just have cracked a better butter chicken. Hi, my name is Saransh Goila. I run a brand called Goila Butter Chicken. Hi, my name is Akash. I would like to call myself a decent weeknight chef. I feel butter chicken has evolved in the last 20 years, but the love for the dish in our country remains the same. Like, you go to an Indian restaurant, you’re drinking, you’re having a good time, you eat chicken tikka, butter chicken, butter naan, that’s it. I have been in a pressure situation like this, and I know exactly how it feels. He’s been on MasterChef. He’s won some contest before, so he knows what a contests is supposed to be like. And I also know, that it’s just that day, anybody can win, whether you’re a chef or not. The competition for me today is to somehow make a butter chicken, that’s it. My competition is not against Saransh because that’s literally how he makes his daily bread, which he also eats with a bread… So you have 60 minutes to make the best butter chicken that you can. Are you ready? Yeah. Are you ready, Saransh?
-Yeah, absolutely ready. Three, two, one, go. Woohoo. Where’s your knife kit? I have a knife. Like this is confidence, you just carry one around. You don’t need like six. So first of all, I’m going to marrinate my chicken in a… special Iyer marinade. It’s a secret recipe which I can’t talk about. Recipes with secrets are so secretive that they fail. Oh, so why don’t you tell us the secret to your Goila butter chicken? Oooohhhhh. There was no secret Iyer’s recipe. It was just to throw him off. I marinate the chicken with some hung curd, with some spices, ginger-garlic paste, with lots of yogurt and mustard oil which is a very key element. I’m just gonna…okay. It’s a little disturbing. Seems about right. Should I use this or what? Are you asking me? It’s a competition. Should I use some oil or what? To marinate. I like how there are so many ‘should I’s’ in your recipe. You can use all the yogurt by the way. You’re not using yogurt for your marinade? No. As a chef, I would never imagine somebody cooking a butter chicken tikka without yogurt. Very important, to kind of puncture the chicken like this. (Whispering)
Which he has not done. You know there’s a Hindi proverb — The yogurt has gone bad. There’s another one — the curd has spilled.
-Oh yeah. That’s what’s going to happen today. The curd is with me because you have no yogurt. So that’s what I’m saying. It’s your curd that’s going to spill. (laughs)
Oh, that’s also true. Dude, I forgot to put lemon in the goddamn marinade. When I cook at home, I’m in a very calm space that’s like a meditative process. I’m like, listening to some music and calmly doing my thing with no distractions. But today was totally different. Like, I had to talk about it, I had to look at what he was doing, he was distracting me, there was a competition. There were so many distractions that I forgot to do so many things in the process. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is happening? You guys have another ingredient that you must incorporate in your dish. It’s Old Monk. There was a surprise ingredient today in our challenge. I think at that point I was a little behind on my schedule, and I was panicking because I didn’t know what to do. We can use it differently? Like we can sip on it? Yeah, can we just give it to them like Pepsi? Okay, I can’t waste time here pondering on this.
-F***ing hell. Cheers.
-Cheers. See this is the thing dude. Like, he’s a chef. He knows exactly where to put what.
-F***ing hell. I have no idea how to use Old Monk in a butter chicken recipe, and I’m being honest about this.
-But you at least know like, what to do to your recipe. There is no competitive edge that I have here. Oh, you put curd in that you can’t even put it in your marinade. Yeah, I can’t put in in my marinade…f*** I can put it in my marinade, I suppose. I just dumped all the Old Monk in panic into the chicken. You got to get all the natural sugars out of the onions. So first, you’ve got to fry the onions. Look at you studying online courses on cooking. The gravy is a very simple affair, okay? You’ve got to make an onion and tomato paste, which you can eat with your dosa also. If you have more time, then you can add a few more steps and turn it into a butter chicken. Did you just say paste? Yeah. Unlike the traditional method where you just cook the onions and the tomato, I kind of boil all of this together and then blend it. Gravy should have been on the range by now because this needs about 20 minutes to cook, and then I need 5 minutes to blend and then cook it again. So I feel I’m like 10 minutes behind my schedule. I’m going to put this chicken on the tray, and I’m going to let this chicken grill. What are you going to do with the chicken? I’m going to fry the chicken, dude. Fry the chicken? What version of butter chicken are you making? So, he took a totally different approach on cooking the chicken where he fried the chicken with his masala. I like how this is grilling. I think the Old Monk is actually doing it a favour. I think I may have just cracked a better butter chicken! It does smell nice. It does smell nice right.
-I’ll give you that Mmm..
-Lacks a little bit of salt though. I think it’s okay. I’m very impressed, I must say so. Thank you, thank you. I was quite surprised that the Old Monk actually, kind of, elevated the dish in some way. Gravy time. It’s officially a paste now, look at this. You can eat this with dosa. This is not a dosa, but I’m still going to eat it. Dry spices are essential, you know. This is what will give that complex flavour to butter chicken. I have this feeling that I’ll be short on time. I’m not liking this. It’s going to take some more time. Time time time, time check.
-Yeah, how much time? 25 minutes to go. Oh f*** it. Dude, I forgot the cashews! Aww. Sh*t! Sad emoji. Like, I had to fry the cashew nuts along with the onions and tomatoes, which I had even written down. But I didn’t even look at that paper, and towards the end, I realized I forgot to add the cashew nuts. Your best way out of this right now…
-Yeah? is to just use my gravy and present it as yours, And now it’s time to blend my gravy which has cashews in it. I’ve f***ed it up, I feel. Oh f***ing hell. I’m stressing… I’m stressing. When you have 20 minutes left, the spices are not yet in the gravy, and it’s not on the pan, you kind of start stressing out. And at the 20 minute mark, I was really stressing out. I was like, what if I can’t present my butter chicken. Yeah, this needs to cook for 10 more minutes… Shit! Okay it’s starting to look like butter chicken. You’re not straining it? I’ve made it fine enough, so I can avoid that. I think that’s like a rookie mistake. I usually like to leave a little texture around, so when you’re eating, it kind of breaks the monotony. Butter chicken is supposed to be buttery, and… his was not quite buttery. My gravy is going to go in. Breathe Saransh, breathe. How do I f***ing strain? I’ve never strained before. Something smells good. I don’t know if it’s yours or mine. Dude, you are in so much f***ing trouble. Something missing in this. The gravy is smashing! Shayan: How’s it going, Akash? I think I just dropped too much chilli powder just right now as you distracted.
-Shayan: Akash, stop stressing bro. So now what I’m going to do is a classic, very traditional step, is you take dried fenugreek leaves, goes on the top. This is not turning into a powder. Did you cut it up? What did you do, dude? His fenugreek leaves didn’t crush because you need to dry roast it. They become crunchy and then you can… I didn’t know what to do. I just rubbed them with my hand. My hands were already moist, so they ended up becoming like a goop-type substance, and in panic, I just threw it over my butter chicken hoping for the best. Oh wow, this looks so good. If all else fails, just put some extra cream in there. Too much cream in butter chicken, f***s it up. Bro, why do you comment on everything, man? Give me a little confidence. So the classic butter chicken always had this light orange colour to it, and that’s what I have been able to achieve. Mine is turquoise or what? Beautiful… beautiful. And now my chicken is going to go in the gravy. Nicely charred, has got that butter chicken aroma. So now all that’s left for me to do is to use the Old Monk. My butter chicken is ready! Time’s up! Yeah… Thank you, we are done. Mine looks more like a butter chicken than yours, I just got to say. You’re saying mine looks like Kadhai and all, what pff. I got my butter chicken the way I wanted it to be. My butter chicken looked great, but it didn’t taste great, according to me. I felt like it was too tangy. What if Akash’s marinade of Old Monk turns out better than my flambé on the top? I don’t mind losing, but I don’t want to lose 3-nil because my butter chicken looks good. Now it’s a matter of which one do people prefer. Do they like that whole sweet, creamy version of it, or will they like a little robust, chef-like butter chicken that they’re going to eat today? This looks like the butter chicken that my dad makes at home. The colour of the gravy is a little too dark for it to be butter chicken. I think the cream is missing… It’s not sweet. It’s got a very strong taste of cardamom. Plus, home butter chicken, it’s like one of the best. I can’t taste the spices in the chicken. Unless I dip it in gravy and eat it, I can’t taste. But the gravy is really, really nice. But the gravy is really, really nice.
It’s a little less buttery than how butter chicken is supposed to be like I guess. It’s a little less buttery than how butter chicken is supposed to be like, I guess. Otherwise, I would say it’s a good butter chicken. This looks really professional. The colour of the gravy is pretty perfect. And there’s a lot of butter which is like a very… This butter chicken looks more creamier. This is sweeeter than I thought it should be. The only distinct flavour is chilli. It has a lot of tomato puree also in it. It’s pretty average. This one definitely tastes a lot more creamier and a lot more buttery, so a great butter chicken. I’m picking this one as my pick. This one, the first one that I tasted. I would actually go with this one. So it was a unanimous decision, and we have a very clear winner, and that is… drumroll please… Congrats! Thank you! Well done, bro.
-Congrats I think there’s a little confusion here… this should go to the person who loses. Very well done. Thank you, I made a butter chicken. You made a butter chicken — A… And you know what? Honestly speaking, 30-minute mark, I didn’t think you would pull it off. but then I tasted your dish, I was very surprised. And you know what, you have potential to cook, so you must keep cooking! Yeah.

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  2. 7:36 – Akash – "Mine's turquoise or what?"
    7:37 – The slide that says "5 MINS TO GO " is TURQUOISE COLORED.
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