vegan butter chik’un | RECIPE?! ep #5 (hot for food)

vegan butter chik’un | RECIPE?! ep #5 (hot for food)

[lauren] oh my god, can we just begin already? [lauren] what’s going on, it’s lauren from hot for food [lauren] and today i’ve decided to turn on the camera [lauren] and do another [lauren] RECIPE?! video. [lauren] so we’re just gonna start from scratch, [lauren] come up with an idea, [lauren] and make it and make up a recipe on the spot [lauren] and yes, i’m being sarcastic when i say [lauren] RECIPE?! [lauren] duh. [lauren] i make up recipes, so there is no recipe until i test it, [lauren] and i actually write down what i did. [lauren] so whenever i post a photo on instagram, [lauren] or twitter, [lauren] and all you lovely hot for food fans [lauren] go “where is the recipe?” or “recipe?!” [lauren] i will admit i get this much annoyed [lauren] which is how i came up with this video concept [lauren] because i’m like “there is no recipe! what do you want from me?” [lauren] kay, so let’s just do this. [lauren] i don’t know where to start. [lauren] oh my god, can we show this freezer, john? [lauren] it’s a really sad excuse for a freezer. [lauren] these are in the freezer and i actually wouldn’t mind using them [lauren] they’re two veggie chicken breasts, [lauren] so maybe let’s use two veggie chicken breasts, [lauren] for something chicken/ [lauren] chicken-like. chik’un. [lauren] c-h-i-k-‘-u-n. not real chicken. [lauren] i’ve got so many leftover sauces. [lauren] leftover dressings, relish. [lauren] soy milk, [lauren] ughh [lauren] i got lots of veggies, i got lots of kale. [lauren] as usual. [lauren] i don’t know, what do we do with this chicken? [lauren] john, we were talking the other day about how [lauren] on our first date, [lauren] like one of our first official dates, [lauren] i came over here before i lived here. [lauren] and john made me a vegan dinner [lauren] and john was not vegan at the time, [lauren] uh, but he was interested in it because i was vegan. [lauren] and he made vegan butter chik’un. [lauren] and i was so impressed that someone actually made me dinner [lauren] no one had ever done that before, let alone made me a vegan meal. [lauren] and it was really good! [lauren] except. [lauren] it wasn’t really butter chik’un, john. [lauren] it was more like a tomato paste curry. [lauren] so we were talking the other how it was like, [lauren] “oh i have to redo your butter chik’un” [lauren] it was good! it wasn’t bad. [lauren] it was good! it was more like a chana masala type curry. [lauren] so could we redo the butter chik’un now? [lauren] i’ve never made butter chik’un before. [lauren] i’m thinking maybe we could do [lauren] butter chik’un for two cos i only have a little bit of chik’un. [lauren] it’s a lot of spices, i think. isn’t it? [lauren] the thing is, because we’re a food blog [lauren] we have kind of everything always in the pantry [lauren] we will have a lot of spices, [lauren] we’ve got, i have coconut milk/ [lauren] so let’s make a better butter chik’un than john diemer. [lauren] and go! [lauren] the better butter chik’un. [lauren] let’s just start with this chik’un [lauren] and i’ll get some spices and stuff going. [lauren] oh, we need, um, onion. [lauren] garlic. [lauren] at some point, we’ll need cilantro. [lauren] this cilantro’s almost on its way out. [lauren] my issue with butter chicken is there’s never green in it, [lauren] like there’s never any vegetables in it. [lauren] peas are not in butter chicken. [lauren] that’s where you also misstepped. [lauren] you put, you did tofu and you did peas. [lauren] it’s gonna be better with this like, vegan chik’un. [lauren] soo butter chicken is creamy and i’m assuming they use cream [lauren] and butter. [lauren] so i would rather use coconut milk. [lauren] hopefully that will work. [lauren] so here is a question: [lauren] now obviously, i know nothing about indian cuisine [lauren] so i don’t wanna hear about how this isn’t authentic or whatever. [lauren] i’m just gonna try and make it. [lauren] do i use whole seeds like whole coriander seeds, whole mustard seeds, whole cumin seeds? [lauren] or do i use ground ones? [lauren] i don’t know. [lauren] indian curry is not just like using curry powder, [lauren] or yellow curry powder. you have to use like a bunch of different spices. [lauren] but i wonder if you could also add this in. [lauren] garam masala i think is what i mainly need [lauren] but i don’t have like fenugreek. [lauren] which i don’t even know what that is. [lauren] garam masala smells like the right thing to do. [lauren] garam masala with [lauren] cumin. [lauren] so these veggie chik’un breasts are frozen, [lauren] you can cook them from frozen, actually. [lauren] in a pan. [lauren] in canada we have president’s choice blue menu brand, [lauren] but in um, the US you probably have gardein, [lauren] you’ve got in-house brands at target, at wegmans, [lauren] at walmart, i think? [lauren] or you could use already done strips [lauren] and just cut those into chunks. [lauren] i’m gonna cook them in a little bit of coconut oil, [lauren] in a pan, [lauren] what’s amazing about the veggie chik’un breasts [lauren] is that they take no time to cook, [lauren] because it’s not real meat. [lauren] you don’t have to worry about salmonella, [lauren] or if it’s still pink in the middle. [lauren] and they actually taste really really good [lauren] they have the texture of chicken, [lauren] they have the taste of chicken from what i remember anyways, [lauren] so you wanna brown these the same way you would with regular chicken. [lauren] we’re gonna cut them into slices and chunks [lauren] and cook them down and then [lauren] remove them from the pan and do the curry [lauren] in the same pan. [lauren] so the only thing with these veggie chik’un breasts [lauren] is that they’re not gluten-free. [lauren] so sorry, but all you VGF- HCF people, [lauren] i don’t know what that stands for [lauren] HCLF. is that high calorie low fat? [lauren] who cares? [lauren] you’re not gonna eat these. [lauren] but that’s too bad, sucks to be you [lauren] because this is gonna be delicious. [lauren] so we’ll start with uh, half of a white onion [lauren] because we’re not making a lot. [lauren] now we’re gonna sauté this onion first. [lauren] i might need to add a bit more coconut oil [lauren] i think we do. [lauren] we’ll add another tablespoom. [lauren] i guess part of building a curry [lauren] is getting the spices all toasty and fragrant, [lauren] so you gotta put them in now, [lauren] so let’s do- start with a teaspoon of garam masala. [lauren] i’m just gonna do ground spices [lauren] because i’m tryna make this kind of a quick butter chik’un, [lauren] instead of a long drawn-out thing. [lauren] where if i used whole seeds, i have to let it cook for a long time, i think. [lauren] so i’m just gonna do a teaspoon of cumin. [lauren] gonna do one teaspoon of coriander, [lauren] if your pan starts to get a little dry, [lauren] just add a little bit more coconut oil, [lauren] i added like another teaspoon to the pan here [lauren] i don’t know, should i add anything else? [lauren] ginger? [lauren] i guess i’ll just add half a teaspoon of ground ginger, [lauren] kay, so your onions get kinda soft, [lauren] your spices are all in there, you can really smell it [lauren] it smells good. [lauren] and at this point we’re gonna add garlic. [lauren] kay, i’m gonna add like two cloves of garlic? [lauren] big cloves. [lauren] i use a garlic press, [lauren] to mince them but you can do whatever you want [lauren] you could chop it up really finely, [lauren] let the garlic soften just for like, [lauren] a minute? [lauren] so if you add your cream first, [lauren] and then we’ll try to get that orange colour. [lauren] oh! red and yellow make orange. [lauren] so i need to add some yellow so i need to add turmeric, [lauren] don’t i? [lauren] i’m gonna add half a teaspooon of turmeric, [lauren] simple primary school; making colours [lauren] cos butter chicken is orange, [lauren] it’s not red. i’m gonna do one teaspooon of curry powder. [lauren] if your coconut milk’s already combined, [lauren] meaning there’s not thick cream at the top and water at the bottom, [lauren] then start adding it, [lauren] but mine, i just sorta mixed it up [lauren] cos it was separated so i’m gonna slowly add this [lauren] to our curry and onions. [lauren] bring that to a simmer and then we’re gonna add the tomatoes. [lauren] i haven’t added any salt yet. [lauren] i’m going with a whole teaspoon of sea salt. [lauren] start with a quarter cup of crushed tomato. [lauren] i’m essentially gonna add it till i get the colour that i want [lauren] so we did a quarter of a cup, [lauren] i’m gonna do another quarter of a cup. [lauren] i’m gonna let it reduce, [lauren] see what happends to the flavours, [lauren] the thing with the curry, [lauren] is you gotta let it cook for a long time, [lauren] you gotta let it reduce, [lauren] then i’ll taste it again cos i don’t know where we’re at/ [lauren] so let’s just wait. [lauren] oh my god, i don’t have rice cooking! [lauren] that takes like, an hour [lauren] okay, cook up whatever kind of rice you want [lauren] i got basmati rice, one cup. two cups of water. [lauren] i’m gonna add butter to my rice. [lauren] yes, it’s vegan butter! [lauren] everyone asks. we’re a vegan food channel. [lauren] earth balance. one tablespoon. [lauren] let that ish boil. [lauren] this is looking good, [lauren] butter chik’un sauce, everyone. [lauren] it’s been simmering for about uh, twelve minutes [lauren] i think we need to add sweetness. [lauren] we put butter in butter chik’un [lauren] cos they always add cream and butter, [lauren] let’s start with one tablespoon, [lauren] and you know what, for sweetness, [lauren] we could add nutmeg or cinnamon as well [lauren] as a spice. [lauren] i feel like cinnamon would make it like, [lauren] like a very little bit cos cinnamon’s very overpowering. [lauren] let’s do like a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon, [lauren] okay, i think we’re about ready, [lauren] it’s been simmering for about fifteen minutes, [lauren] i did add the cinnamon in near the end, [lauren] but you’ll wanna put that in with the spices at the beginning, [lauren] but in the description below, [lauren] all the instructions and ingredients are there. [lauren] you can add the chik’un in on the stove top [lauren] but it’s so hot, i’m just gonna do it right here. [lauren] we’ll put this back on the heat for another couple of minutes, [lauren] just to let it simmer into the chik’un. [lauren] looks like butter chicken to me. [lauren] okay, the rice is done so let’s plate this baby! [lauren] i cooked the rice in butter. that is essential. [lauren] it’s a very rich dish, but [lauren] that’s what butter chicken is. [lauren] creamy, tangy, buttery, [lauren] fragrant, [lauren] are you coming in? [lauren] is it the better butter chik’un? [lauren] oh come on! [lauren] don’t say that/ [john] it was really good. [lauren] it is really good. [lauren] okay, while we’re gonna finish this together, [lauren] i hope that you make better chik’un for [lauren] maybe your first date, or to impress your date, [lauren] or to turn them vegan, [lauren] cos that’s what i did, [lauren] we post every wednesday, [lauren] and make this, let me know what you think. [lauren] if you wanna see me tackle something else [lauren] i’ve never made, leave suggestions in the comments below. [lauren] okay i’ll see you guys laterrrr.

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  29. 2.2 lbs (1 kg) faux chicken breast cut in 1" – 2" cubes
    2 tbsp lemon juice
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    1 tbsp garam masala
    1 tsp kosher salt
    For sauce:

    ΒΌ cup vegetable oil
    2 Β½ cups chopped onion (about 2 medium-large)
    2 tbsp coarsely chopped garlic
    2 tbsp garam masala
    2 tsp paprika
    ΒΌ tsp cinnamon
    2 tsp kosher salt, or to taste
    2 cups diced no-salt-added canned tomatoes
    ΒΎ cup coconut cream
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