The 5 Best Keto Fats

The 5 Best Keto Fats

I’m gonna teach you how to get fat, PH.
Pretty, healthy, and toned with my absolute five favorite good fats. My
first favorite fat is MCT coming from coconut. So medium chain triglycerides
are our shortcut to getting into keto. In fact, four hours after we take some
MCT our body is making twice as many of our powerful little ketones, right.
Scientists all over the world are completely obsessed with ketones. Dr.
Dominic D’Agostino says they’re the fourth macronutrient and they produce so
much energy throughout our body. When you take the MCT you’re actually helping
your body to make more endogenous inside your body ketones. So I like it coming
from coconut oil. For those of you that are sensitive to regular MCT and of
course I like the organic, the whole food form, but I really like the way that it’s
processed, very particular about that. But for those of you that are sensitive we
have creamy MCTS that are out there and there’s even more research showing that
when the MCT is put into a creamy form it can be absorbed even more effectively.
Second good fat is coconut. Coconut meat, coconut oil, it’s a very powerful
saturated fat and when you’re on keto it’s the most clean form of fat that you
want to be ingesting, right. So even if you’re someone who loves to eat nuts and
we’re going to talk about a whole bunch of other fats, the nice part about
coconut is you’re getting the MCTs, you’re getting the c12, for example, which
makes monolauric acid right. So lauric acid is something that helps to fight
viruses and funguses. In fact, I take monolauric acid whenever I’m traveling if I
start to get sick and it’s found right in the coconut. So the coconut is almost
like a miracle fat. You can use coconut oil on your face to clean your face and
your hair is a moisturizer. We eat it, we we cook with it, it has a
medium smoke point so it brings so much goodness to what you eat and it’s been
around forever, right, like who doesn’t know about coconut oil and how long it’s
been used and what I find to be really interesting about coconut is every time
it becomes super duper powerful, every time it becomes extremely popular, it
seems like the other oils that are out there or the lobbyists or whatever it is
put out some negative press on coconut. But coconut is truly a miracle and I’ve
spent so much time throughout Panama with the indigenous Kuna consuming tons
of coconut, coconut meat, you know it’s so delicious, it’s so delicious, it’s so rich
and it’s so good for you. Number three is the avocado and I’m telling you I have
this avocado with me. I actually have three more and I’m traveling I’m in a
hotel room right now and what you can see is that I love avocados because I
literally travel with them and the reason I love avocados so much is
they’re filled with oleic acid and this is an incredibly important essential
fatty acid for our health. It helps to reduce inflammation. This little baby is
filled with so much good fiber and my next book that’s coming out next
February is all about keto and fiber and how much we need the combination of the
good fats plus the fiber. And that’s what you’re getting right here no surprise
there’s tons of micronutrients there’s tons of nutrition and it’s really easy
to consume at any point right. So for me I can even peel it. This is what I did
yesterday I peeled an avocado and I ate it like it was an apple. And yes your
fingers get a little messy for a minute but it’s okay, avocado oil is great for
your skin. So I just love the benefits of avocado oil. Again avocado oil can be
used on your skin, you can cook with avocado oil, it has a really nice smoke
point, it’s very light, a lot of people who don’t like the taste of coconut, love
the taste of avocado. You can even take the seed and grind it up and use it.
Number four is olives and olive oil. I love olives, my family loves
them, my son Christian eats about seven to ten all of the day, no joke.
They are his treat when he’s good he gets olives and he’s good every day. But
the reason olive oil is so good, I mean it’s been around forever, right? It’s part
of the Mediterranean life and we know that olives are filled with so many good
antioxidants. They’re also an oleic fatty acid. So there are mono saturated fat and
mono saturated fat is okay, it’s good, but you want to always remember that there’s
one empty seat at the table with mono saturated fat and that can become
oxidized. So you just want to be aware of that. So when you’re storing your olive
oil, it’s a light oil. You want to always protect it in a dark bottle in a cool
area. You also want to be aware of what temperature you’re cooking your olive
oil at. So I like to only use olive oil really for low temperatures. I talked a
lot about it in my book Glow 15. I love the oil. I know you love the oil.
The taste is so amazing and absolutely a part of a good fat diet. Number five
favorite good fat is wild alaskan salmon. You might have seen some of the pictures
of when I was in Alaska and I was in the rivers when the salmon were spawning. It
was an absolutely amazing experience to see how these fish go through that
lifecycle and how they produce and so forth. But what I love so much about wild
Alaskan salmon is you’re getting so many of the good omega-3s. Most of us are not
getting enough of omega-3s in our diet right, we have an imbalance. We have too
much omega-6 not enough omega-3. So for example today I had wild salmon for
lunch and I love to eat the skin. I want to get all of the omega-3 from it and
when you’re eating salmon you want to go, if you can, for the wild alaskan form. So
if you want a little tip when looking for Alaskan wild salmon comparing that
to farm-raised salmon the farm-raised that’s going to be lighter and you’re
gonna see more the little white strips through it. Where
the wild Alaskan salmon is a much richer darker almost the red color to it. I love
sharing all the ways that we can consume amazing healthy fats because they make
us absolutely energized, healthy, they reduce cravings,
they reduce inflammation, the list goes on and on and on and on. I’ve just written
my second book that’s gonna be coming out early next year and I have so much
new science on it and I love sharing these things with you. If you like this
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  1. I read that coconut oil is actually drying when put on the face. I was using it this way until I read that! What does your research say about this and what about ARGAN OIL uses

  2. Question: My cholesterol levels have risen and I have been on Keto (on & off) for 18 months. Could this have raised them? I do take MCT daily.

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