6 thoughts on “Texas Eats : Feb 22, 2020

  1. Question, were you (Elder) at Al CARBON on 2/24/20 about 1:30pm? I told my friend that I thought it was you with another gentlemen in a KSATV shirt. I'm from Ohio, and I have to say we used your videos to help plan places to eat in San Antonio. Thanks for the good eats.🌮🎉

  2. Hi, this is a question for David Elder. My friend and I are visiting San Antonio from Ohio, and we are new subscribers to Elder Eats. We decided to eat lunch at Al Carbon on Culebra Street this afternoon around 1:00 o'clock. We think you and another gentleman might have been ahead of us in line (and actually ended up sitting behind us in the restaurant). So, we were wondering if indeed you were. Either you or your friend made the comment to us about being ahead of you in line when the hostess tried to seat us. If you could let us know, we'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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