69 thoughts on “SPICIEST KOREAN CHICKEN STEW w/ CHEESE (dakbokkeumtang) l MUKBANG

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  2. It would be fun if you cooked some of this at home. I thought you might have cooked the chicken and rice cakes at home.

    I totally typed my comment before your statement.

  3. With the internet comment. I’m a little older so it kind of aggravates me when I’m in a setting intended to be social and no one is socializing with those in front of them. Such as a bar or at work during lunch feels like something is lost in being engaged in the moment. I didn’t grow up with technology, it was something that we had “math lab” at school where a computer was used.

  4. Hi Hyunee, the very few times I have flown, I remember being in the airport waiting for flights & most everyone had an electronic device in hand.
    We are addicted to the conviences they give us. Long live our electronic devices! And Hyunees, no matter if you have makeup on or not, you're beautiful. Your hair looks like a bomb went off in it, but you're still beautiful.Luvyatapeezez ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Yes, it happens always the first time but it is going to be better with haircuts after the second time.❤️???

  6. It was hot here in Kern county like 84° but it has been windy remember to spring forward this weekend 1 hr ahead

  7. you are so nice those are things that stay in my heart if I ever fall in love again I will make sure she has the same way of loving like you believe me my soul is talking to you and he does lie to you honey bee

  8. Honey bee me and my 2 girls Fatima and Elham love you so much and we would like to do the challenge with you one day , we live in UK ??

  9. Huynee I am very ill today. I have been puking the whole previous night. I was hungry but I had no intention of eating as I was feeling weird because of the illness and now I am eating khichdi(a food for sick people in India) while watching your vid. It is helping me a lot. Thank u very much hyunee.
    Love from India.

  10. I just moved to NV 7 months ago. I wonder if theres any places like this around here. I never had rice cakes and I wanna try so bad. But this stew looks amazinnnnng!!!! Also, NV is super windy. I'm from the midwest, so the wind almost knocked me down.

  11. My mom cuts my hair, and it usually looks great. And now I cut her hair too, which isn't too bad. Going to the hairdresser is expensive, so we cut and colour our own hair.

  12. Yea this weather crazy but being a truck driver stuck in Wyoming for 3 days im happy to be in Windy LA

  13. Lol, "Telling LA People to stay warm" ya dont even know cold im sorry lol i laugh all the time la or florida people say 55-60 is cold, here in Chicago thats like summer to us in winter

  14. It kinda irritates my eyes that you’re so blurry because the focus of the camera is only on the food, which of course makes sense, but it’s hard for me to watch ???

  15. Ur talking about being careful with the weather… what about all the corona virus cases in California…. so far 6 people have died in the US

  16. Its been really windy here in Maine too. The temperature has been mild for winter the last couple days but it has been REALLY windy!!

  17. I cut my daughter's hair up until a couple of years ago….and she is 18 now. Couldn't afford to pay someone to do it.

  18. 色々見てきた中で、彼女の英語が1番聞き取りやすい。
    Please subtitle in Japanese

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