100 thoughts on “[MV] Raiden _ Heart Of Steel (Feat. Bright Lights)

  1. Guys, Stop. It is just DJ Raiden with the angelical voice Bright Lights. And the MV is a publicitary spot for the upcoming Ultra Music Festival of Korea. That's all. If you love this, go to Spinnin' Session, Future House, Armada Music or Revelead Recording Youtube channels. This is EDM, not K-Pop. Just DJ Raiden is from Korea, that's why is here in 1TheK. I'm so used to listen this kind of music and MVs, I don't really know why people looks so exited on the comments about it. Anyway, Cool song 🙂

  2. I have a question about the lyrics.  From a couple of sources, there's this chunk of lyrics in the middle of the song:

      And now my soul you see
      Just walking around
      Outside of me
      I'm so proud to be
      The one that ever shows

    However, ever shows doesn't make much sense.  When I first heard the song, I thought it was "*Heaven chose*", which would make far more sense.

    Does anyone know where to find the actual lyrics for the song?

  3. I really appreciate when songs have positive or meaningful lyrics so this was great to hear, with it's lyrics full of positivity/determination 🙂

  4. Come on now, please release the progressive version of this song! It was supposed to be one of best tracks ever featured by Bright Lights, but now I am this close of disliking this song because of this yucky future bass version ;S Future bass is the worst thing that has happened with EDM, damn chipmunk music :((

  5. Finally after a long of waiting, I hear this song at UMF korea 2015 after movie, worth the wait absolutely

  6. Woah, I saw this on TV and didn't recognize it as a Korean MV because no one seems to listen to any Korean music.

  7. Is this a movie or is this literally just a music video? If it is a movie can someone please help me and tell me the movie title?

  8. 대한민국에 이런 분이 계시니까 좋다ㅠㅠ edm은 외국애들이 다 점령하는 판에 독보적인 분!! 굿굿bb

  9. The waiting is over! You can now download the 'Heart Of Steel (Festival Mix)' for free! prot.cl/hos-festival

  10. Who's here listen to dj raiden's songs to knows his style of songs to imagine irene's collaboration??

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