[MV] Kebee(키비) _ My Foreigner(외국인) (Feat. BrotherSu(브라더수))

[MV] Kebee(키비) _ My Foreigner(외국인) (Feat. BrotherSu(브라더수))

Where’d you come from girl I wonder if you understand me You are looking at me and smiling and when you look this way wow I want to understand you too, the sounds that your pretty lips make With your friends that hang with you I say hello everyday We have different colored eyes, oh you’re wearing colored lense Of course the country my mother-in-law came from I’m proud too yeah Actually I don’t know much I don’t know the language you speak in or the food that you eat But whatever it is I’m good at feeling it. If you stay with me for just a week When I walk with you I feel like I’m in a different country Even if we can’t communicate with words We know how to get along with our bodies Whenever I see you I Fall in fall in fall in fall in fall in love But you are a Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreigner Whenever I see you I Fall in fall in fall in fall in fall in love But I am a Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreigner Ay what’s your favorite place in Korea? Let’s go somewhere you haven’t been Friends that left you with me say that I got lucky Whatever they tell you about me and my past, they’re lying Just let me teach you Korean I’ve scored top1% on language section You might feel lonely sometimes and miss your mom but I won’t make you feel that you’re alone so don’t go anywhere On holidays streets of Seoul empty out and become quiet And we will be together and I’ll let you try on Hanbok When I walk with you I feel like I’m in a different country Even if we can’t communicate with words We know how to get along just by feeling Fall in love Sometimes you seem lonely What are you thinking out fall in love When you miss your home far far away uh Let me be your home When I walk with you I feel like I’m in a different country Even if we can’t communicate with words We know how to get along Fall in fall in fall in love Fall in fall in fall in fall in love Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreigner

100 thoughts on “[MV] Kebee(키비) _ My Foreigner(외국인) (Feat. BrotherSu(브라더수))

  1. Damn SJWs think everything is racist…please look up the definition of racist and the lyrics of this song, and see if they match.

  2. This video is cute and pivotal towards unity all around the world. Maybe in the future, Asians and all other ethnicities will learn accept eachother and not judge by skin tone 🙂

  3. people are angry because there is a white woman
    but have no problem crying out their overglorified love for koreans
    it is hypocracy

  4. Ok first of all,I understand the conflicting feelings about whites being the "ideal standard" for Koreans but the theme of the video is about foreigners.Having an ideal standard of beauty in Korean culture might attract more viewers bc I'm pretty sure this song was targeted towards people in Korea.I really want to address that yes Whites DO have a lot more privileges than people of color in the U.S,but remember,this is another culture.We should respect them and praise the originality and hard efforts they put in to this piece of work,instead of bashing the lack of diversity,even though it might seem unfair to us.No hate,just stating my opinion..

  5. Il y a une fille qui parle en français au début et à la fin, c'est cool parce que c'est rare d'entendre des paroles français dans un clip coréen .

  6. At the very beginning of the vid, i heard a girl speaking french, I think she said " je ne sais pas comment t'appeler "

  7. lol remember when BTS used to have an MV shot completely with black girls and people called it awkward (but admittedly it seems like it is) This is about 'love', and love is kinda objective. The singer chose his ideal type of girl. Doesn't mean he hates other races when he only puts two girls in his MV. You cannot force him. White girls are often presented because most people like the sight of them, especially in Korea – a seemingly heavily colorist country. It is a fact and it's hard to change.

  8. Everyone who thinks this ir racist should get their facts right and study about Korean history a little bit more. He choose two countries who once were in "bad blood" with Korea to represent in the video. The French (european) girl and Japanese girl are supposed to show how the country past and culture gap do not matter when it's about love, not even the war issues. That's why they learn each other culture, but do not give up their own. How would he show African americans or Native americans in such a meaningful way when Africa and native America didn't have such a violent past with Korea?

    If you want to criticize the fact black people are not as much portrayed, you guys should find reasonable MVs to do so. There are tons of them.

  9. Cringe. Stop your obsession with blonde haired-blue eyes white girls Korea. Beauty comes in many shades and from each corner of the world.

  10. Lmao y'all are cray😂 these comments are making my day. Ps for ppl getting offended plz take life lightly 💖

  11. im unsure if this is racist but i suppose the context of it is creepy. strange enough to refer to your love interest as "my foreigner" as if that is their identity. but then write a love song about it dedicated to them, only not really – just their "foreign"ness. it's just fetishisation. but to disguise it as love, that's wrong.

  12. since i have to just go on the mv and not the words — the wrist grabbing part and their look made it look like the girls were falling for each other.

    how far am i off?

  13. TYPICAL KOREAN MAINSTREAM CULTURE….. can we PLS GIVE THEM DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT… He'll do great over they. Everyone will be blonde in no time 🙂 FYI "Foreigner" doesn't only mean "white" so why didn't he use different shades of beauty ? And have different girls trying to understand the Korean CULTURE BUT NO HAS TO BE BLONDE, FAIR SKIn

  14. I know they don't have to represent everyone but it still really bothers me that everything they use a foreigner it's a blonde, pale, blue eyed girl. This is why I get so excited every time it's not a white girl.

  15. Is the guy in the MV Kebee himself? He looks like that adorable ajusshi in Goblin (Nope, not Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook. The other one).

  16. It's funny how so many are screaming racism cause there's a blond white girl in the video but are being racist themselves for bluntly assuming that the other girl is Korean cause she "looks Asian". She's Japanese and he's actually trying to be diverse and you're just being racist.

  17. Why is everyone complaining lmao this song is about loving a foreigner even though it's not well looked in korean culture, and the guy thinking it's cute how she wants to learn korean culture. Everyone like "omg why is a white girlll, why not someone like mee so i have validation from my oppas!! so offensive". Listen, because i know someone is going to say it, this is not racist, a cultural appropiation or whatever your sjw ass thinks it is. Saw someone being triggered for the "My" in the title. Are you serious? holy shit i didn't knew americans were like this. It's a cute way of telling someone you belong to each other. I don't know about usa but in latin america everyone uses it ; "Mi bebé, eres mia y yo soy tuyo. My cute foreigner, you are mine and i'm yours."
    And pay atenttion to the japanese girl too. Korean and japanese people don't have a lot of history for being the best buddies, and they still put her in the video and represent her culture.
    So fucking tired of this shit honestly lol

  18. let me ask something … Koreans ( alot of them try and whitening their skin) were they born with blonde hair. Born with blue eyes or green… Did hip hop culture start there.. did rap… YOU MIGHT WANNA OPEN YOUR EYES… the word is a huge mixing pot and liking some else's music or clothing style as for wanting to date a korean man.. It funny how its okay to date white women or only asian or only black…. the thing is some people are only attracted to certain things… quit looking at things and only seeing black and white..

  19. 키비 참 좋아하는 랩퍼…역시 키비는 좋다 ㅠㅠ 근데 이제 키비도 나이많이먹었네요 ㅋㅋㅋ..

  20. I don't care if the person in the music video is white, black, purple, yellow, greyish or whatever colour as long as the song is nice and the lyrics are not offensive. isn't that enough?.

  21. It's a Japanese girl and a white girl and y'all only complain about the white girl? Y'all need to grow up and stop this hardcore American racist concept

  22. Perfect song for korea fanatics. I don't understand why ppl keep calling this song as racist tho. 🙂

  23. This is so cute. I just listened to Kebee perform this live on Arirang Radio and I had to come watch the video. The message behind this is so great and as an America native, it really makes me feel better about my travels because I'm always so nervous that I won't be accepted where I go.

  24. I don't get why people have to be offended over every little thing. Just let him sing about falling in love with a foreigner and wanting to show all of Korea to her. Maybe blonde girls are biased, but hair color is a style, just like curly or straight hair, and styles come and go. Seriously just enjoy the song, or if you don't like it then just move on to the next song.

  25. I just don't understand why the Japanese girl was afraid of the squid. Damn girl, you have dancing sashimi in your country.

  26. Looking through this comment section and laughing because of all these problematic arguments from irrelevant people with ignorant statements. 🙄🙄

    I mean, just enjoy the song yall. Stop getting triggered over your own opinions being retaliated by other people. You posted it, knowing people would most likely not agree with you. I applaud on your utmost stupidity on being inconsiderable to the consequences. 👏👏

  27. the people who argue against this video are people who like videos where "Bts loves specific race girls" videos. I feel sorry for you if you have to validate your life around if a random Asian will find you attractive

  28. my gosh yall are so annoying can't you please just enjoy? the song is literally about a guy who fell in love with a girl from another country and want to gets to know her better? and is flirting? and let's be honest in my country EVERY asian gets asked where they are from, if they speak japanese and are called stuff like "japa" and "xing ling" or "jackie chan" and it's doesn't matter which country from Asia they are, isn't this as bad? Just… there's not only your side, Korea is still working this out, let's help them and not make it a big ass problem it's only about helping others to understand and learn more. be more peaceful omg

  29. There are two kinds of girls in the comments here:
    1. Foreign girls who have never been to Korea and are trying to live out their oppa fantasy via youtube.
    2. Foreign girls who have lived in Korea and are 200% done with this kind of shit.

  30. 한국, 한국, 한국인~~~~
    Do you know french fries?
    I'll teach you English, baby.
    When I walk with you, I feel like I'm famous.

  31. oh good. because tindr, badoo, and whatever other apps there were aren't creepy enough. "I. english. no. I can't talk to you, but my body can" ohhhhhhh good.
    Glad I met the korean hubs before i had to deal with this BS getting thrown every which way.

  32. "Even tho we don't understand each other we know how to enjoy together" hmmm…. "Do you know kimchi" hmmmm….. "My foreign girl" hahaha….

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