[MV] CHEEZE(치즈) – 영화 같던 날 (The Day We Met) (남자친구 OST Part 1 _ Encounter / Boyfriend OST Part 1)

[MV] CHEEZE(치즈) – 영화 같던 날 (The Day We Met) (남자친구 OST Part 1 _ Encounter / Boyfriend OST Part 1)

Just once, that short moment of that one day Was it then?
Did I feel it then? I can’t explain these feelings When I’m with you
It comes up As of right now
All the days we spent together are so beautiful to me It’s beautiful time
Every time, my heart beats audibly loud It’s a beautiful day
It’s a beautiful day A picturesque day
A movie-like night When everything else was forgotten
With you, beautiful day This beautiful day
It’s beautiful All the things that pass through here
Out of those, I’ve only looked at you For a moment, you came to me
And until this day, you stay with me As of right now
All the days you stayed with me All the days we spent together
Are so beautiful to me It’s beautiful time
Every time, my heart beats audibly loud It’s a beautiful day
It’s a beautiful day A picturesque day
A movie-like night When everything else was forgotten
With you, beautiful day This beautiful day
It’s beautiful On days I miss you, I write down your name On days the longing still remains
I draw you out with my memories So all the days
Are beautiful days to me This beautiful day
It’s beautiful English Translation by pop!gasa

100 thoughts on “[MV] CHEEZE(치즈) – 영화 같던 날 (The Day We Met) (남자친구 OST Part 1 _ Encounter / Boyfriend OST Part 1)

  1. Kudos. Simple but the lessons are so clear. This is now my favorite drama of all time. This is the only drama i have watched multiple times without skipping episodes. It made me smile like idiot

  2. All the facial expression of song hye kyo gives meaning to this drama. Simple, elegant and happens in real life. You are still the best actress for me. Good job. Another inspiring drama for life.

  3. best drama for me. boring for those who just want pa-cute dramas. But this one is so inspiring and a lot of lessons to learn.

  4. This drama was so nicely done. Song Hye Kyo was so elegant and Park Bo Gum has such a wonderful smile. I wish all the happiness in the world for Song Hye Kyo. For someone so beautiful and dignified it seems she can't get a break with the men she chooses. Park Bo Guem has been a pleasure to watch in this and Moon/Clouds.

  5. I love this new telenovela, Encounter is simply wonderful
    I already watched the 16 episodes and I just can't help but be amazed. Here in the Philippines, I still watch it even if it's late in the evening. The dialogue is dubbed in Filipino language. I love the show even more.
    I hope there is a SEQUEL ??? PLEASE

  6. My aunt is not a fan of watching korean dramas but this drama was she strongly recommend to me that I should watch this because this drama is really beautiful.. the story itself.. <3

  7. I really like this drama. Their relationship looks matured. How bogum tried so hard to keep their relationship not like desperate boyfriend. Their rship looks trustworthy, loyal and understanding

  8. Ang Kdrama na mag tuturo sayo na walang pinipili ang pag mamahal kahit ano pa mang estado mo sa buhay!.. It So Proud to see park bo gum growing and growing! and song hye kyo is such a good mentor! Precious KDRAMA to watch! ?

  9. Encounter 2 please please please ,my heart is really amiable whenever I saw both of you stay beside together.Hopefully,you will hold your hand and keep step forward together Love PBK❤️SHK

  10. I love this drama sooo much ^^the only thing I'm mad at is that Park bo gum changed his hairstyle :'D It suited him and his character so much TT

  11. I like the song…it refers for the two person will love each other❤❤fight for the love..no matter what happens…SHK And park bo gum

  12. the only Kdrama that i watched every single day..again and again and again and the story line so similar with what just happen to SHK, hopefully she can finally meet the nice person like Kim Jin Hyuk…Love PBG & SHK so much !

  13. Que coisa linda, a tradução dessa música é de tirar o fôlego. Quando assisti esse drama fiquei tão emocionada, a história é bem envolvente. Um dos meus preferidos e recomendo muito, por favor assistam!

  14. This whole show is so Enchanted, it makes my Heart Flutter, I can watch this show a thousand times and still be excited ?????

  15. The girl is a bit older than the boy like her kid brother but it's a beautiful love story on the beautiful day they met with a beautiful song…It's destiny! I always will treasure this beautiful K drama…I swear!

  16. Encounter is wonderful. Loved every scene, actors, songs. And of course the actors, especially Park Bo Gum. I'm your fan. You radiate light by acting. Your smile is contagious. Congratulations for the work to all involved.

  17. Eto yung korean series na hindi nakakasawang panuurin. Kakaiba. Tagos sa puso yung kga linya na binibitawan nila.??

  18. A very different drama. Subtle, mature love story. A story that touches your heart and and leaves a mark. A round of applause for SHK PBG and the whole team. And the songs are ?????

  19. I'm still inlove with the drama and the ost, whenever I listen to this music and the other ost my heart flutter. This drama leaves me a strong impression. It makes me fall in love over and over again. Funny cuz Im single but this song and other songs of the drama makes me inlove❤️

  20. I just finished watching all the episodes of encounter…and I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!! This drama certainly CAPTIVATES MY HEART!!


  22. I like the way they edited this drama..its like you are watching a movie type of filem….haha..its like old filem style edited..i really like it! I like how bogum and hyekyo played with their character… In this drama…the way she get a brave to againts her ex in-law its all because of the guy…he gives her courage to againts the people taht controlled her…i likw the character…

  23. 저떼 촬영할때 혹 송혜교는 사랑놀이를 하고 있었으까 아님 연기에만집중?.?그래도 같이 해던연기했던 남자 배우들음 인기몰이 다들 잘 돾고.,혜교 는 행복나름 자기만족 그걸로 충분했을터.

  24. Its just a real story of a beautiful love story to tell in the future …an intense determined to pursue his love to forever..i cant hardly express the feelings How beautiful the story is All about…VERY BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY??????????❤️


  26. I just finish watching the whole series and not satisfied. Hahaha
    I wish there is a part 2 for this. ??
    It really has a different vibe for a usual kdrama series.

    Can anyone suggest a kdrama like this???

  27. Hey spoilers that hated this drama….let me tell you guys…. This drama is not meant for everyone… Is meant for mature and Adult mind… Not for under Age People ……so in Love with load Astor Cos his smiles tho.

  28. Dear Bogummy and HyeKyo, if there is still doubt anywhere that you made a wrong decision on playing on this drama, please hear this: I've never seen a drama which emphasised so much this unlayering of feelings when falling in love and having a relationship. You played your parts very well. And I must say kudos to the director, producer/s, writer and the whole cast and production team. It was beautifully shot and made. Even the ost, I kept on listening on the whole album for it captures well the feeling.

    I just wish many will be able to appreciate this in the coming months or years.

    Waiting for both of your new productions.

  29. Anybody can recommend a new drama to heal my damaged heart…i need a romance drama where the guy is commited and the storyline mainly focus on the main cast romance

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