Kopi Lemak – Butter Coffee with a taste of Java

You may have heard about “butter coffee” or
the term “bulletproof coffee”. Both of these names are a little problematic in describing what is, quite simply, a fat-rich coffee. “Butter coffee” is usually much more than
just butter and coffee, and “Bulletproof Coffee” is a trademark, not a generic term. So I propose a new name for this fatty coffee,
and one with a taste of Java: Kopi Lemak. It’s Indonesian and it
means, literally, fatty coffee. Kopi Lemak is an excellent food choice for
people on Ketogenic or High Fat-Low Carb diets. One cup contains over 600 calories of high
quality fat, or nearly a third of the average person’s daily calorie requirement. It is important to note that Kopi Lemak does
not contain any added sugar whatsoever. And to add any sugar at all would completely
defeat the purpose of this food drink. So what I am showing you now is my own recipe
for making Kopi Lemak. The ingredients for one cup are:
a cup of hot, strong, brewed Coffee 1 spoon of Butter or Ghee
1-3 spoons of Coconut Oil and/or MCT Oil and optionally, 3 spoons of Cream For the coffee I like to use a Java Arabica.
Brew in a french press and let stand for 3 minutes or so. For the butter, always choose the best quality available. Any Australian or New Zealand butter will
be fine. Alternatively, you can substitute the butter
for ghee, which is purified milk fat, without the residual protein and milk sugars found
in butter. Next is one of the most important ingredients
for this drink, coconut oil. Now many people use virgin coconut oil, called
VCO, in the belief that it is “pure”. This is not necessarily the case. I personally prefer to use standard refined coconut oil,
technically referred to as RBD, or cooking coconut oil. RBD does not have a strong coconut flavour
at all, and is excellent for frying and cooking generally. It is also much cleaner than VCO, without
the off-flavours produced from the residual proteins and detritus. In order to get maximum cognitive benefit
from Kopi Lemak, you should add MCT oil. MCT oil is simply coconut oil with one of
the heavier fats removed. MCT is metabolised very quickly by the liver into energy. You can replace the coconut oil either wholly
or partially with MCT oil. But it’s best to start out slowly with MCT
until your gut adjusts. I suggest starting with one spoon MCT and
2 spoons coconut oil. The last ingredient is optional: Cream. Cream
does contain a little bit of protein and milk sugar, so you should not overdo this. Place all the ingredients into a blender. Make sure the coffee is as hot as possible, or the butter or ghee will not melt and the coconut oil
will not properly emulsify. Blend for about 30-40 seconds. And here we have it, Kopi Lemak.

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