with fourth of July coming up there is
an important question which needs to be answered
can you drink alcohol on keto diet or are all alcoholic beverages off-limits
that’s what we’re gonna look into today hey guys welcome to my channel it’s Iva Scelfo and today we’re gonna talk about booze yes yes you can drink on keto diet
having a drink or two doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna be kicked
out of ketosis but your options are a little limited when you are on a keto
diet you know good that all carbs counts and alcohol unfortunately is packed with
lots of carbs and lots of sugars you basically have to stay away from most of
the beers and mixed sweet cocktails well there are some low carb option in PS but
in my experience they’re not really worthy I didn’t like it but you can try
it for yourself and let me know if you did dry wine is okay so champagne red
wine white wine there are about 3 grams of carbs so if that fits your macros you
can definitely have a glass or two Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio is
usually my choice you can also have a liquid but a gin rum tequila all those
are either zero carbs or very low in carbs you can mix them with club soda or
any type of sparkling water without any added sugar this is a type of wine I do
have home it’s Cabernet Sauvignon well you gotta also understand that one glass
of this wine is about 250 calories so if you would enjoy two glasses throughout
the night it’s almost 500 calories well for me it’s my whole lunch or a whole
dinner so when you wanna drink you do really have to think and count
what’s your rudder I don’t know do you wanna eat a steak or a glass of wine
then we carry in our freezer some vodka recently I had a chance to try these
truly this is a spiked sparkling water it has
five person of alcohol only hundredths calories and less than one gram of sugar
and less than two grams of carbohydrates which is pretty a great option when you
unlock up keto diet you can have a nice mixed drink with vodka it would be
around 200 calories and two grams of carbs so this is a really great to go
for a party or social events oh and you just want to relax and enjoy a drink so
you can definitely enjoy drink or two while you’re on keto diet but just
always remember that alcohol is full of empty calories if you’re trying to lose
weight you definitely have to count alcohol calories into your daily macros
also alcohol will be always metabolized before anything else in the liver as its
toxin everything else will be paused so if you decide to have a drink or two you
have to understand that you’re actually turning off the body’s ability to burn
fat for fuel and that unfortunately will end up stalling your weight loss
progress so me personally I did decided that I will have only one or two drinks
for a whole week because I’m definitely now on my weight-loss journey and I need
to lose some weight and I know that keeping drinking a glass or two of wine
couple times a week will definitely stole my progress and I don’t want that
so at the end yes you can have a drink and still be in ketosis but if your goal
is weight loss you might want to consider that you definitely want to
avoid all drinks with high carb high sugar content as they would definitely
kick you out out of ketosis you would definitely be over your daily
carbohydrates limit so if you do not mind that your weight-loss progress will
be stalled then go ahead and you can definitely enjoy a glass of wine or some
vodka with some non sugar a mixture of whatever your preferred drink would be
you don’t have to worry to be kicked out of ketosis unless you go over your daily
carbs intake so thank you guys so much for watching
this video if you did like it please give it a thumbs up and also enjoy your
Independence Day with or without the drink and I’m gonna see you again soon
in another video bye


  1. I give up trying to be first now….Nutra you win….haha thanks for the vid Mrs. Iva πŸ™‚ I'm more of a wine guy myself haha

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