44 thoughts on “Juice’s Jovian odyssey

  1. Europa Clipper, Dragon Fly, LISA and JUICE, absolute outer planetary system(the Gas Giants) hunt race begins in Next Decade, cant wait for it

  2. Would anyone please explain how come the gravitational powers do not swallow the satellite but instead help it to accelerate?

  3. The GALILEO space craft was Deorbited into Jupiter's atmosphere to aviod impacting potentially habitable moons of jupiter then why is ESA impacting their JUICE spacecraft into potentially habitable moon of JUPITER

  4. Holy free deltaV much from all those assists. Amazing images will come of this though. Excited for those Europa close ups

  5. Am I the only one worried about the risk of terrestrial microbes surviving impact on Ganymede? Isn't Ganymede potentially habitable, or at least has conditions conducive to life? Wouldn't this be forward contamination?

  6. Great video ESA, can you tell us anything out the supercomputer(s) you must have used to calculate this 12 year flight plan?

  7. Juice is only the beginning of what's to come from the 2030s and onwards, people will be blown away with the data from all space assets from 2030.

  8. We need to come up with a better idea than 'impact' to retire a space probe …one day an alien species might think we launched an attack and won't know we are just depositing some space trash 🤔that doesn't sound much better either. 💖ESA 💖NASA 🍻

  9. I wonder what Monty Python would have done to this video? Perhaps a finger flicks the orbiter out to the universe 🙂

  10. Why not design a probe that could insert individual satellites to map Europa, Io, Ganymede, and Callisto? There might be a way to identify potential locations for life and landing sites with a follow up lander.

  11. if someone can name the music used in this video, please tell! — otherwise, it's surprising they'll crash Juice into Ganymede. why that decision?

  12. one of the best rendering I'v ever seen in my life.It's simply amazing,I can't wait all of those years only too see a photograph from the Jupiter's moon system…it's incredible…the second thing ever created by mankind after Huygens lander to reach the surface of a gas giant's moon. god bless space exploration.The most important thing of these years.

  13. so it's going to crash onto the surface, doing exactly the opposite of what Galileo and Cassini did not wanting to contaminate the body with earthly buggies

  14. ESA, why don't you have free use of your video's like NASA? love this mission but cannot use this material to discuss it…

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