like and subscribe for more awesome food adventures! beautiful brioche buns make amazing asmr sounds and crunchy romaine lettuce pan fried queso de frier , or fried cheese super hot chicken cooked with cumin, oregano and chipotle crispy bacon! god I love bacon now for our super jalapeno sauce! juiced whole jalapeno, ground fire roasted jalapeno, avocado, sour cream, garlic bye flavor town. HELLO FLAVOR CITY! spicy but balanced by the cheese and sour cream creamy avocado with crunchy bacon, moist chicken, crunchy lettuce all the different textures make it so good every ingredient stands out and adds something to the conversation the spice does build !! cold pressed jalapeno juice is super spicy that is one of the main ingredients of my jalapeno sauce! The fire roasted jalapeno gives that earthy fire flavor I love I’m so glad I live in the city and have a gas stove. I roasted the jalapeno over the burner. I do this for lots of vegetables I grew up without gas and never knew how amazing it is to have a gas range. If I had to move to somewhere without gas I would have a personal supply put in just so I could cook I am going to have one of those huge commercial ranges with the grill in it as well I would love to have that in an island on its own not attached to an oven Then I could just film over that island currently I film on a bar separating the living room from the kitchen, similar idea, but not as luxury we will get there! Hopefully tasty original recipes like this help us climb that ladder!! but don’t do what I did and try to eat four it was too many. I had to let out all that gas and now I am struggling thank you guys for watching! love you all


  1. Lol! Love your love for food sammieboy.. I swear you need to open your own restaurant, all your food always looks amazing ?

  2. 5:17 bro like what the f*** you got going on with the food man are about to c** on yourself ????. Love you Nomnom lol

  3. I have a similar dream. A massive range,with multiple Hobbs,and of course gas. I cook on gas on hob,but electric oven. Handy if the power knocks off too,as you can light the gas rings manually,provide dome heat to that room only,and still cook . Makes sense . You have a blockage at the 12min mark ? (Burpathon) . As always,outstanding and incredible food with excellent ASMR sounds ?????

  4. finally starting to get some of the recognition you deserve for the artistry you bring to this genre of videos, we love to see it!! food looks delicious

  5. yassssssssss!!!!!! i'm literally drooling as you added each ingredient!!!! you need your own cookbook haha, always such fun recipes!

  6. Anyone else super appreciate Sammie making his own food?
    I get so tired of seeing the same shit from different youtubers.
    Thanks for keeping it fresh my guy!

  7. Everytime I see you eat your food, especially the food you make it, looks so good and I think he might be the best cook, I see you use like new food combos and sometimes I try them they are amazing, keep up the good work man don't listen to the people who hate on you

  8. Hi new to your channel it was recommended to me that was amazing that sauce look very delicious and the way you described but very spicy . I'll live in Texas everything is bigger and better and spicy or so spices not a Too much of a big deal but everybody has a limit let your sandwiches did really look delicious.

  9. As a video request can you please do Hot Pockets with cheese sauce? I think you will absolutely love it

  10. I sometimes think this dude is a physcho cause if you go to his blooper video he's cursing and acting crazy but I actually don't blame him

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