Full Day Of Eating Keto 2020 I Endomorph Diet

Full Day Of Eating Keto 2020 I Endomorph Diet

hey YouTube fan man so y’all we’re in
the car let me tell y’all today it’s supposed to be a weigh in Wednesday
y’all you know we over here knocking on the door of the 160s but y’all Tim I we
started this video I love being real am 100% real y’all I have not gone to the
bathroom for a good four days and I don’t know why and I really feel like I
just don’t want to get on the scale because I don’t want to you know get
into like a negative nice base y’all so today is going to be a full day of
eating keto video y’all I’ve been fasting for 38 hours so far like I don’t
understand why I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet y’all and on top of that I
drink three cups of coffee today to try to make you know my body do it a T to do
my body is like no it’s not happening either you guys we’re gonna do a
weigh-in on Friday or we’re going to do a weigh-in on next Wednesday y’all I
don’t know we’ll see I didn’t see I’m going to take the garbage out yeah today
we’re going to keep I’m gonna try my best to keep positive vibes
y’all great vibes over here but I just was like I’m not getting on the scale
I’m not gonna do it not today we’re heading to our home away from home
Tanya yes oh my gosh I don’t think I’m get on the scale I looked at my stomach
today and I was just like I’m not feeling it not feeling it I’m not gonna
hurt my own feelings so and I doing a weigh-in today y’all maybe like I said
maybe Friday if I have finally gone to the restroom or Wednesday
well next one say y’all doing okay yeah so I’m breaking my fast at 41 hours I’m
just gonna get some chicken thigh and I should get it ketchup right now and then
we’re gonna head on the road into bun fire wings
yes I’ve never been here before but you know and I just passed by it and I was not
but I’m not trying to entertain the negativity so you guys this is what my
lemon pepper wings and my original hot I think that’s what this caught wings are
looking like Oh y’all the smell hit me in the face when she gave me the Box I
was like yeah this could be good a if I already got and of course y’all we have
some Cherry Coke Zero y’all I still even though I’m saying it
before I eat I still have not gone to the bathroom I don’t know what’s up with
me oh no they’re like me these are good yes indeed y’all fun back the way to my heart is through food oh my gosh oh gosh I love hot wings now
hold on alright alright alright Hey mm-hmm oh my goodness yeah this is magnificent okay yes I’m
currently washing so hopefully I can near me
yeah I probably can’t hear me I’m just talking y’all probably hear me but uh so
it’s a snack blasting first night is going to be the
love good fats peanut butter and jelly it’s so good it is plant base yeah we
love to see it over here we love dairy cream you know friendly snacks
yes and that’s on period and then also I’m gonna have a little bit of this CBD
yeah I’m currently on season three of The Vampire Diaries I’ve watched this
like what – every time job but I still love watching it yeah and I think that’s
gonna be the last got you tonight I don’t know I do have some hot wings from
I may like have one or two y’all I really am gonna turn into the chicken
I’ve been drinking so much water today well I really do hope y’all can hear me
I’m really having this whole conversation with Dow right now I’m
feeling great y’all today the top spec is not going to their
bathroom I just keep telling on this like if
y’all know me in real life I am like the type of person where I’m like really to
myself y’all because you know I got told y’all I can barely deal with humans like
yeah but I like to be by myself and so like me
just opening up to y’all it’s just something I’m not really used to but
like it comes so easily like talking to y’all like why can’t I do this in real
life like you know with people oh no I feel like we’re connected y’all some
type of way oh no yeah I’m real deal man Nokia fans abuts about that I real-life
love y’all I give my Tojo that they love y’all I’m telling y’all today tonight
whenever you watch this I love you so much
yeah I really was about to say in that phone period but I’ve said that so many
times but um real though y’all like you really never know what person’s
intentions and I it’s hard for me to open up to people because I’ve been
burned so many times like I really don’t open up in the first place and so like I
like to study people before I you know open up to them but with y’all it comes
so easily but like in real life I really really like studying people before I
open up to them and so when I get fired by people I’d be like dude what the
because you know I feel like I’ve scoped this person out you know I know I know
who they are but y’all last year I’m going left I know last year I got burned
so many times by people and what’s this called yeah
okay so y’all when a cat finally gets this catnip
uh-oh she’s laid out this accomplish I’ve seen

9 thoughts on “Full Day Of Eating Keto 2020 I Endomorph Diet

  1. I was literally just thinking about you. I was looking forward to a weigh in. Iโ€™m not keto but I donโ€™t understand how you can move your bowels without fiber?

  2. Great video as usual! Listen, lol… make yourself a โ€œbird bowlโ€ with Hemp seeds, flax seeds, almond milk etc. (there are some videos on the recipe) . I promise that you will go to the bathroom after eating that ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lol, Russell Stovers sugar free chocolate candy will have you running to the bathroom quickly. But on a serious note a bottle of magnesium citrate will get the job done cheaply.

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