Fasting Mimicking Diet in healthy subjects improves key biomarkers | Valter Longo

Fasting Mimicking Diet in healthy subjects improves key biomarkers | Valter Longo

[Rhonda]: So you do have evidence, and this
is a recent publication of yours, that the fasting-mimicking diet in healthy subjects
can, it seems, affect biomarkers that are related to aging in a positive way. [Valter]: Yes, aging and as well biomarkers
for aging, as well as risk factors for diseases, right? So this was a clinical trial, a randomized
clinical trial with three cycles of the fasting-mimicking diet once a month for five days, for three
months in a row, and then of course we looked at baseline and it was a randomized crossover. So, in each case you’ll have a group of controls,
a group on a control diet and a group on the fasting-mimicking diet, and then the crossover. And yeah, the results are remarkable. I mean, first of all, if you are a healthy
person with say a healthy or a low blood pressure, nothing happens to you. And this is a really nice distinction with
calorie restriction for example, right? Earlier we were talking about, you know, are
they all going to the same place? I don’t think so. So calorie restriction, chronic, it keeps
driving your markers down. Right? So, even if you started…I mean, if you look
at Biosphere 2, and these were then confirmed by Fontana and others, if you look at Biosphere
2, even people that had at the beginning a low blood pressure, they kept dropping, and
by the end of it, they had pressure like 85/55. And same thing for cholesterol, same thing
for triglycerides, almost everything, usually drop to very low levels. Fasting glucose. The fasting-mimicking diet itself, it seems
to…you know, if you have a blood glucose of 75, nothing changes, it doesn’t drop it
even more. If you had a fasting glucose of 106, almost
in every case, it brings you back to normal. This is very interesting, and also very good
for doctors. So now we have close to 3,000 doctors just
in the U.S. that are recommending the prolonged fasting-mimicking diet, what was tested in
the clinical trial, and this is a very important feature. So, the three cycles decreased, in normal
people did nothing, in people that had…I mean, I shouldn’t say did nothing. Did nothing that you can see in terms of markers,
because they already had good levels of these markers. But in people that had elevated cholesterol,
it decreased cholesterol. The people that had the elevated triglycerides,
it decreased triglycerides. People that had the elevated IGF-1, probably
people eating on a high protein diet, it dropped IGF-1. And the highest people dropped dramatically,
you know, it came down about 60 points. And the people that had the high fasting glucose,
came down. People with blood pressure that was elevated,
both the systolic and diastolic, had major effects. The people that had CRP, systemic inflammation,
in almost every case they moved back to the normal range. So it’s really powerful I think in resetting
the system somehow, that it’s getting out of the…its functional ideal state, it resets
it, and I think it really rejuvenates. Now we’re doing…we’re trying to calculate
based on published profiles, and also methylation profiles, is this rejuvenating you? And also A and B, after three cycles, what
is your risk for diseases in the next 10 years at baseline, and what is your risk after three
cycles? And we suspect there’s going to be a drastic
change, just…You know, if you think about it, it’s three months, right? Is just… [Rhonda]: And this was a five-day fast each? It was one week… [Valter]: Yeah, five days of…three cycles
of a five-day fasting-mimicking diet, and then we measured again, and of course all
these things that I just say change. But what if we go to the databases and we
plug in the numbers, and we say, tell me, you tell me, what is the risk now compared
to before? So we haven’t finished that yet, but I think
soon enough. And I’ll just say there’s very…the results
look very promising.

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