Epic Margarita Jungle Juice – Tipsy Bartender

Epic Margarita Jungle Juice – Tipsy Bartender

(festive Latin music) – [Voiceover] That’s a sharp knife! (distant chatter) – Good. – [Voiceover] Pull the machete out! – [Voiceover] Oh God! What were you doing with the machete? – [Skyy] Okay, (mumbles) let’s start with the tequila, everybody
grab a tequila bottle. Tequila!
(whoots) – [Voiceover] We are some alchies! – [Voiceover] It’s party time! – [Voiceover] Yeah, somebody’s grandma is dying as we pour this. – [Voiceover] What, what! (whoots)
Tequila! – [Voiceovers] Yeah,
this is for the homies. – [Voiceover] Right! (laughs) – [Skyy] Let’s Triple
Sec and Peach Schnapp. Let’s pour those. – [Voiceover] Get it (mumbles), get it! – [Voiceover] Man, you
pour like a professional. – [Voiceover] I do? – [Voiceover] That’s how he drink! – [Voiceover] Ok, who wants to (mumbles)? (distant chatter) – [Voiceover] Why we bartending though? (laughter) – [Voiceover] He’s also a bartender. – [Voiceover] Aw snap, look at the form! Look at the form! – [Skyy] The juices now, the juices. – [Voiceover] Okay, it’s gonna start smelling good once we
get the juices going now! – [Voiceover] John, I need this recipe! (whoots) I’m doing this for my bar mitzvah! (laughter) For real, I’m a do it! (distant chatter) – [Voiceover] This is fresh! (splashing) – [Skyy] A Jay son, what
you want to call this? – [Voiceover] Huh? – [Skyy] What you want to call this? It’s your party. – I like Lamorne’s name. – [Skyy] What, what is it Lamorne? – A Darkened Day Stormy. (laughter) It’s a drink, a Darkened Stormy right? – [Skyy] Yeah. – This one’s a Darkened Day Stormy! (laughter) – All right, and there you have it, the Darkened Day Stormy! (applause and whoots) (distant chatter) – [Voiceover] Are you Tweeting? – No, it’s good, it’s good. – [Voiceover] Oh, that’s good. – Man, that tastes good, man. – [Skyy] You like it? – Yeah, it’s real good.
– [Skyy] Okay. (distant chatter) I think my work here is done. Tipsy Bartender, I’m out! – [Voiceover] You be blue! (Latin upbeat music) – [Skyy] Hold on, they
trying to out beat me? It’s no race, it isn’t a race! It isn’t a race, okay? There’s no prize for fuss.

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  2. Where is the video after what happened at this party. How the hell did you guys survived this fiesta. Did anybody ended up at the ER?


  4. Why were the fruits there? As if it would change the taste. This was pure juice and alcohol mix…..adding fruits to it was just stupid…. But maybe I don't drink that's why I see it as a wastage ?

  5. You got a let the fruit sitting there for a while to absorb the alcohol an hour or two or so then put a bunch of ice in not just one bag

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