Crunchy or Creamy Peanut Butter? – Agree to Disagree

Crunchy or Creamy Peanut Butter? – Agree to Disagree

– I think crunchy is classist. I think it’s classist. – And I think smooth
is not inclusive. (intensive music) – [Interviewer] Peanut
butter: Creamy or crunchy? – Crunchy. – Creamy. – Crunchy. – Creamy. Peanut butter is
a spread, right? Peanut butter is like butter,
peanut butter, butter. Do you like it if you’re,
oh, putting butter on some type of delicious
toast and all of a sudden, there are big chunks
of cow juice in them? No! – You’re complaining that it’s hard to spread on bread, right? Chunky peanut butter? – It’s so difficult.
– It’s terrible. – The bread is the– – I mean, who has time for that? That’s my biggest point. – You don’t have the time? – Who has time for
chunky peanut butter? – Who has the time? Why would you want to spend– – You’re not crushing it up! You’re not crushing it
up to spread it all– – You gotta get
every single nut in! – I’d rather crunch
it up myself. – There’s nuts flying
all over the place, and then I got to clean them up! With smooth and creamy they’ve
done all the work for you! You just spread it on,
and then you put it in your mouth and
glop, glop, glop. And, it’s all in
there; it’s all done. – It’s all in there; it’s done. – You’re telling
me you have to– – You’re the problem.
– Spend so much time! I’m the problem? – You’re the problem. – I’m the problem? – You’re so lazy. You want everything
done for you. – Oh, well, I’m so sorry
that I haven’t lived a life of privilege where I
have hours and hours to devote to chunky
peanut butter! – Are you dumb! – I want to get it in
and out as fast I can! – It’s all about
efficiency, and I think smooth peanut butter is the
most efficient of the two. It’s easier to chew, easier
to spread, easier to get in and out of your body,
and once it’s in your body, most of the work is
already done for you. – That’s right. (intense drum beats) – Three, two, one, go! – (laughs) Done. – No, no, don’t eat! You know, I can
tell you one thing. She definitely had
more fun eating it. – Yes, I did. – She enjoyed it. – I enjoyed it.
– It lasted long. – You know what, I’m
already on to the next spoon by the time that you finish. – Oh, wait a minute, we think
we want things to last longer. You want things
to be real short. – Yeah, sorry. – Are you calling me a
premature ejaculator? Because I am! (intense drum beats) – These beauty standards
that we have, right. Where it’s like, oh
it has to be perfect. I want something that’s real,
that’s honest, that’s flawed. That’s crunchy peanut butter. Sorry, I’m gonna have wrinkles. Sorry, I’m gonna
have nipple hair. That’s crunchy peanut butter. – No, we live in the future. We live in the future.
– Oh, yeah. And the future is all about–
– Where everyone’s perfect? – Yes, technology.
– Sounds like hell. – Photoshop.
– Instagram. – Nothing is real.
– Weird diets. Yeah, have you heard of paleo? – Everything is wrong with that. – Have you heard
of the paleo diet? – And that’s not
paleo necessarily. – Yeah I have, and it
makes your vagina stink. – (laughs) Yeah, well, guess
we don’t have that problem. – And you know what perfect is? Boring! It’s stale;
it’s sterile. Crunchy is exciting! You don’t know what
you’re gonna get! You get some pieces are
big, some pieces are small. It’s an event; this is fun! – (smacking lips) You have
a party in your mouth! You’re eating it
with a PB and J. It’s not just a PB
and J, you’re having a bowl of nuts in your mouth! – You’re strengthening your jaw. – Do you know how
good that feels? – When I want a bowl
of nuts, I will go and get a bowl of nuts. I don’t want this
halfway product between– – It’s in between! – What it’s supposed to be and– – You get two for one! You get creamy and
you get crunchy! – It’s beautiful!
– I just, no, no, no. – I don’t want
creamy and crunchy! That’s your guys’ problem! You want everything!
– It feels very– – Yes, give it to me!
– You’re never satisfied! I want creamy; I want crunchy! I want salty; I want bland! I want liquid; I want white! I want black; I want things
to be separate, baby! Everybody sticks to their own! Oh, no. (intense drum beats) – George Washington Carver,
he invented the peanut butter. We’re all aware of
history, things like that. And I just feel like, to
leave the work half done, as you are doing with
crunchy peanut butter, to leave the work half done,
I’d say is undercutting his legacy as an
inventor, as an American, most importantly as a black
man, and I think that makes you two maybe a little
racist, I’m sorry. – I think it’s really
funny that you say George Washington Carver
invented peanut butter. – Because he did. – No, he didn’t. No, he didn’t. You know who invented
peanut butter? My dad. My dad (tearing up) because
when we came to America, he said honey,
look, look at what I found in the grocery store. Look what I invented. And I said, what is that, Papa? And he said, remember how back in Russia, we just had peanuts? Well, now that I’m in America,
I can think differently. I have the freedom to
imagine, and I have ground up these peanuts into
a crunchy mass, and it is crunchy
peanut butter, so sorry! I don’t know who this
George Washington Carver is, but my dad invented peanut
butter, and he made it crunchy! (intense drum beats) – Who’s side are you on? – (crying) I’m on
Pop-pop’s side. – Who’s Pop-pop? – [Natasha] He’s our father. – He’s our father. – What?
– We have the same dad. – Okay, well– – It’s been really hard to argue with you guys, too,
this whole time. – Yeah. – Guys, what are we doing? – I don’t know anymore. Pop-pop invented peanut butter, and we’re just arguing
about chunky is better or creamy is better,
but we’re not just all enjoying peanut
butter together, and it doesn’t make any sense
that people just can’t see eye to eye on something as
delicious as peanut butter. (crying) I’m sorry, sis. (intense drum beats) – What’s your dad’s name? – Yeah, on the count of three. One, two, three. – [Natasha And
Choksi] Jahovio Patel. – What’s your mother’s name?
– You’re a Patel? – Our mother? – [Natasha And Choksi]
Anastasia Chundrashecker. – Our dad’s– – Is your dad still alive? – Yeah. – Interesting, what
year was your dad born? – [Natasha And Choksi] Nine. – What you’re doing is a crime. – A crime? – It’s a crime. – What kind of crime?
– Which part? – You’re erasing important
African American figures from history, I’m gonna stress. – You bad. – I’m gonna stress– – I’m trying to–
– That this is a racial issue. – I’m trying to honor him
with crunchy peanut butter! – You’re trying to honor
him by erasing his legacy? – No, I’m trying
to eat his legacy. I wanna eat up his
legacy that he made. – See, that’s what white women
do is they take our products, but they don’t
appreciate the people. – My dad would always say that. – No, that’s what you do. That’s what you do. You enjoy all the
things that we produce and don’t give credit
to the inventors– – I’m giving him credit! She is a wack job! – You’re giving
their dad credit! – Hey. – You’re giving
their dad credit. – I’m a wack job? – Yeah, you guys
are not related– – It’s this jacket? I shouldn’t have
worn this jacket. – I don’t think
we’re ever gonna see eye to eye on all of this. I think we just gotta
agree to disagree. – What year was your dad
born on the count of three? One, two, three. – [Natasha And Choksi] 3,000 BC. (all laugh) – One, two, three. – [Natasha And Choksi]
1,646. (all laugh) – What year was your dad born? – [Natasha And Choksi] Nine. – (all laugh) God dammit!

42 thoughts on “Crunchy or Creamy Peanut Butter? – Agree to Disagree

  1. Woof… Are we done here? Get real jobs you hipster doofuses…. Doofi?… Whatever plural words suck worse than this series.

  2. I like that this show is simply, arguments over dumb shit! It's like a more relatable and understandable version of Congress!

    @3:22 Hanna is my spirit animal!

  3. Meh, the only thing peanut butter is good for is alternating eating a spoonful of that then a spoonful of Nutella. It changes the taste of both for the better, but they don't go together well. Also, fuck peanut butter and jelly. Instead, try eating honey roasted peanuts and raisins at the same time, because that shit is way better. I like 1 spoon of raisins to 1 and 1/2 spoons of peanuts. Use dried, sweetened cranberries as a palette cleanser if you want to reset.

  4. Crunchy is for sloppy people who can't or won't finish buttering their peanut.
    I butter my nuts…ALL THE WAY.

  5. Creamy peanut butter is the best for everything other than peanut butter cookies. That's when you use chunky peanut butter. Cookies.

  6. I am watching a bunch of leftist screaming at each other about peanut butter, that is the joke. LOL

  7. Yall bitches kno that there’s a crunchy flavour peanut butter and a creamy flavour peanut butter I mean serisouly yall keep going about this shit I’ll fuck your sister your mother your grandma and ur auntie

  8. I accidentally bought chunky peanut butter because I cant read, so I tried it and now I can say they are both good. I've always been a creamy guy, but I'm actually leaning towards crunchy

  9. Wait, you're telling me chicks can get Paleo Pussy? I had no intention of trying a Paleo diet, but if that's a side effect, f that.

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