Church’s Chicken® | Honey-Butter Biscuit Tender Strips® Review! ? ?

Church’s Chicken® | Honey-Butter Biscuit Tender Strips® Review! ? ?

YouTube and social media peep this out guys It’s Ian K back again with another one for you here at churches chicken today going to take a look at the return of a promo from last year that’s looking to bring a little honey butter biscuit goodness to some of their popular all white meat chicken tender strips that’s right guys the honey butter biscuit tender strips are back in the menu over here at churches for a limited time only and being that I missed out on the first time around and aside from the fact that i’m just a fan of their honey butter biscuits in general there’s no way I was gonna miss out on this a second time so I jumped over and scooped up a three-piece to see exactly how awesome these are and being that love comes in small delicious batches I’m thinking this is gonna be pretty tasty so before I take that first bite on these tell you what I think of them let’s get right up on him first let’s peep this out churches bringing that comfort for goodness on a rainy day with the return of their honey butter biscuit tender strips and i do have to say guys the smell in my car right now is absolutely glorious what you’re looking at are three nice sized pieces of all white meat chicken that are dipped in their world-famous honey butter biscuit batter and then fried up to a nice golden brown and the smell like i said is coming through loud and clear these are definitely smelling exactly like their biscuits only on a stronger scale and since these are tender strips how could you not have something to dip them in right in this case we’ve got some honey butter sauce which looks to be with a glaze they’re awesome biscuits to begin with so you know this is going to be popping with labor and speaking of their biscuits you’ve actually got one on the side here for that one-two punch of honey butter biscuit goodness all around and it’s looking like it’s gonna be pretty good so there you go guys the honey butter biscuit tender strips over here at churches let’s keep out this labor yes sir tasty fried goodness on a rainy day guys let me give you a quick look at the namesake of where this combo comes from because to truly understand we’re about to get into right now we gotta go back to the beginning and it all starts with their world-famous honey butter biscuits these things are ridiculously tasty so tasty in fact that they actually give the popeyes biscuit a serious run for their money and if you’re curious to see some detail thoughts on what I think these biscuits over here at churches at the playlist its popping up in the upper right-hand corner every display is plenty reviews you can definitely check out there but let me take a quick bite hang on mm no ma’am buttery and dance crispy and light it’s a totally unique flavor to churches and it’s absolutely delicious just a quick shot on the inside for you guys like I said it’s dense with some like Christmas and on the very top a nice little washing of honey butter but we’re here for the main Advance let’s check this out the honey butter biscuit tender strips over here at churches mmm i’m getting that rich honey butter biscuit batter flavor mix them a little bit of saltiness that I’m thinking from the frying process but man does that goes so super well with the juicy white meat chicken on this is pretty delicious mm and that chicken is no joke look at the amount of white meat that you get in the inside of his tender strips guys it’s almost like the coating on the outside complimented perfectly because it’s not over abundance so it’s not more coding than chicken but man that is pretty fantastic and overall the flavor is just popping with honey butter goodness seriously good mm just digging that batter it is really good on the chicken how’s it going to be with honey butter sauce though that’s the question just give us one shop well this is a strong buttery flavor with a little hint of sweetness and fair and just so you guys know they do serve this cold so this is right from the fridge i’m thinking this is gonna be pretty awesome honey butter sauce goodness and if you think this is gonna be nice and thick because it’s got honey in it you would be correct guys look at that nice and gooey and nice aroma of butter in the air right now let’s give this a shot man that smells great hmm oh I don’t know why but I’m getting like a cornflake chicken vibe if you guys have ever had like crush corn flakes mixed up on chicken and kind of baked that’s what it tastes like with this but with sweetness to it and that butter oh man so ridiculously decadent is what it is this is ridiculously good I don’t think it would be half as good warm because personally for me I think the coldest of the butter itself complements the warm tender strips themselves it’s pretty tasty hmm let’s go for one more gift that white meat in this honey butter sauce this truly makes it and it really is the perfect pairing guys just delicious deliciously rich deliciously sweet and it’s got that right amount of butter to really compliments the white meat on this is really awesome straight-up fantastic resist our juices all white meat tender strips covered in our famous honey butter biscuit batter for the love of chicken churches and it’s for all those reasons leading up to this point right now that on a bomb sexy face scale of one to ten the honey butter biscuit tender strips over here at churches are going to get an easy and a 10 but when you add this honey butter sauce forget it guys it’s game over with this one perfect complement the right amount of sweetness of honey itself and the butter is just off the chart nice nice flavor all around but of course that’s just my opinion as always if any of you guys have been over here to churches you’ve tried these new honey butter biscuit tender strips either in the past or currently what did you guys personally think was the flavor off the chart for you and what did you guys think about honey butter sauce i’m truly in love with that right now drop a comment down below definitely let me know and that’s it for now guys It’s Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out here at churches chicken on a wet and rainy day checking out some pretty tasty comfort food in the form of the honey butter biscuit tender strips very very tasty stuff guys if you haven’t already please like share comment and subscribe hit the little bell down below next to my channel name so you can be notified when new reviews drop along with checking me out over a peep this out keep in touch with me at all the addresses that you see right above me this after all this peep this out baby you know how we do we’ll definitely talk to you next time Stay Frosty! Mmmmm… come on guys don’t judge it’s truly delicious alright until the next review I’ll talk to you soon

37 thoughts on “Church’s Chicken® | Honey-Butter Biscuit Tender Strips® Review! ? ?

  1. This looks so good right now. I'm telling you, Ian. The honey butter biscuits at Church's are ALWAYS good.

  2. Omg that honey butter biscuit looks amazing Ian. I so want to try biscuits ! Those chicken strips looks so crispy , I could do with some of those right now. Yummm

  3. Im lucky in that I can buy either Church's or Popeye's..our Churche's "spicy" is actually a little spicier than popeys and they always have a killer deal going so I tend towards Church's..that said, I prefer the side items at Popeye's (especially the red beans and rice.) Thanks for the review!

  4. Wow churches chicken seriously got that flavor going on with they're honey butter biscuits the flavor pop on that is awesome from an awesome biscuit from churches chicken I hope they bring back or even keep this

  5. Oooh so jealous we don't have Church's in our area~! This looks soo good~!!! darn~ You can enjoy it for us all~! Thanks!~!

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