CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 6: “You’re Invited”

CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 6: “You’re Invited”

( music playing )Rhyme:Previously on
“Chicken Girls”…
You knew I was chasing
this story, and you swiped it
from under me again. Did it ever cross your mind
that maybe I just did a better job? Are you gonna invite Drake
to the big sweet 16? Rooney:How am I supposed to
tell Rhyme,
“Hey, your ex-boyfriend
is gonna be at my party?”
I might be out of town
that weekend. Ellie:Boys for the most part
kinda suck.
Can I get an amen? All: Amen. Really good job
on the article, Rhyme. You crushed it.
Congratulations. You’ve earned your stripe. We won’t have to keep this
a secret much longer. It’s just kind of
a bummer. WarriorPrincess03
is going down.( music playing )Are you sure you don’t
want to just, you know, stay in and watch a movie
tonight like old times? Are you having cold feet
or something? You invited, like,
half the school, and we can do that when
my mom leaves for Texas. Yeah, yeah. It’s silly. Remember, you only turn
16 once, you know? Yeah, I guess you’re right. Like, everyone keeps telling me,
“Cheer up.” ( chuckles )♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
Do I look okay? ( sharp exhale )
Rooney, you look gorgeous. And you know that. Thank you. Of course. Here goes nothing.( music playing )All: Happy birthday! ( cheers and applause ) Oh, my God, this is
better than I even imagined. Well, I got some help
from Effie, who is the youngest event
planner in the state, so… I know, I’m amazing.
You’re welcome. Kayla, you came! Of course I did.
You only turn 16 once. – Heads up
– Oh. These are so cute. I’m definitely putting
this on. Hey, none of that.
We’re here to party. Let’s have music! ( cheers and applause )( music playing )– …seven, eight…
– Oh, gosh. ( laughter ) ( laughter )( music playing )Is something up? I’m fine. Clearly you aren’t. Rhyme, what’s going on? I just don’t get
why you would lie to me. What? And to top it all off,
I’m pretty sure that Flash is cheating
on Kayla. – What?
– Yeah, with her dad
being sick, this is the last thing
she needs to be dealing with. We need to tell her. She’s been with him
way too long ( scoffs )
Funny coming from you. What’s that supposed to mean? Strong, single,
independent Ellie, I saw you and Robby
kissing the other day. It’s… It’s not what it looks like. Why do you keep lying? I guess I was just embarrassed. I made such a big deal
about it. Exactly, so don’t go
judging Kayla for being with Flash. I don’t get why
you’re so pissed. You know, maybe you’re just mad about Ezra or Drake
or something. ( scoffs ) What? This is just like old times. – Yeah.
– And new times. Yeah, Birdie totally
pulled through with the venue. Yeah, how did you get
the hook-up here? This used to be
my regular jam,
remember? You two are amazing. Thanks. What was that all about? She saw us kissing
the other day, and now she’s furious at me. Okay, I hate to say
I told you so, but– So don’t! I’m so mad. Wait, I thought she was
mad at you. Well, now we’re mad
at each other. Who’s WarriorPrincess03? – What?
– You heard me. Uh, she’s just some girl I met playing Short Nite, um, and she’s nationally ranked. Then why is she sending you
heart emojis? I don’t know. What’s going on over
here with you two? Kayla, I started playing
Short Nite because Flash started paying
more attention to that, to then you, and I wanted
to know why. And? How about you ask him
who WarriorPrincess03 is. Flash, what’s going on?( music playing )Hey.♪ Have you ever tried to fix
what’s broken? ♪
She’s not even friends
with him. Did they just hug? Who is WarriorPrincess03? That’s me. Do you guys play Short Nite? You’re WarriorPrincess03? I’m GoneInAFlash239. Wow, you are not at all
like I pictured you. Um, hi, I’m Kayla,
his girlfriend. ( scoffs )
What is she talking about? What is going on? Kayla, listen, the whole long distance– Oh, you think you’re
breaking up with me? Nah-ah, this is not
how it’s going to work. So you’ve been talking
to that girl online
or something? Uh, I mean… I think it’s safe to say
that this is over. And for the record
I’m breaking up with you, and not that you’ve asked,
but my dad’s not doing so well, so I’m still gonna be
in Crown Lake for a while. Okay, bye. Yeah, but, um… ( sighs ) Luna:
Come on, don’t worry about it, let’s just dance
and have fun. I just don’t want there
to be any drama. Well, me and Flash
are officially done. What, why? Oh, and apparently
Ellie and Robby have been secretly dating. What? Why wouldn’t she tell us? After she pretended to
be all independent and single this whole time.
Ugh, I hate liars. Come on, girl,
dance it out. I can’t believe
I broke up with Flash. ( microphone feedback ) ( tapping on microphone ) Hey, everybody. Happy birthday, Rooney. ( cheers and applause ) So, we didn’t know
what to get you… But we do know how much
we all love you. And to prove it to you we made you a little video.Happy birthday, Rooney.Not only are you
an amazing photographer,
but also an amazing human,can’t wait to make
more memories with you,
and hope you have
a wonderful sweet 16.
( laughter )Happy birthday, Rooney.
I love you so much,
and thanks for being
such a great friend,
and keep taking pictures
because you’re amazing.
Wait! Hold on.
( laughs )( laughter ) Both:Happy birthday,
( chuckles ) Rhyme:Thanks for being such
an amazing friend to me.
And such an amazing
older stepsister.
We love you so much,
you are talented
in so many ways.
You always give
the best advice…

– Ellie:That’s true.– Rhyme:…and you are there
for everyone,
and you are so kind
to all of your friends.
– Ellie:Love you so much.
– Rhyme:We love you.Hey Rooney, so this is about
a sound–
hold one, I don’t want to
block the microphone.
( laughter ) Birdie:This is about to sound
super mushy,
so consider yourself warned.You are the best,
best friend
I could ever have.A lot went down last semester,and through it all,
no matter what,
you kept trying.You didn’t give up on me,and I don’t know many peoplewho would do that for someone.Thank you for everything,
I love you and I hope you have
the best sweet 16 ever.
You deserve the world.( music playing )Spike! What are you doing here? I’m sorry, I just– I knew I shouldn’t have come,
I just wanted to see
how you’re doing. You couldn’t pick up
your phone and call me? This whole time I didn’t
even get a text from you, and now you just show up?
And then you just show up? – Birdie, Birdie.
– Where were you? I was in a coma. And then I was in
the hospital for six weeks, and you weren’t there, – for any of it!
– Birdie, stop. They didn’t even know
if I was gonna wake up. I’m sorry,
I wanted to be there. I was with you on the way
to the hospital, but I couldn’t stay. Tell me why you disappeared. I guess I was just scared
they were gonna arrest me
or something. I wanted to be there,
Birdie, but your parents,
and Principal Mathers. Everybody always blames me! Except me! I kept standing by you. I know. I’m sorry. The truth is I’m just
not good for you, Birdie. You’re sorry? Yeah, I’m sorry! I’m sorry I ever met you. ( gate opening )( on video ) Is this
strawberry jelly?
( laughter )I dare you to eat it.That’s gross.
Yeah, totally.No, no, no, no, no.Hey, everything okay? Yeah, Birdie just
disappeared again. Well, she probably just
had to head home early. Can I show you something
that might help take your mind off it?( on video )
Yeah, we got this!
♪ There’s something there ♪♪ I can’t seem ♪ ♪ To put those years ♪♪ In the tide ♪Are these my photos? Yeah, I know you’ve always
wanted a gallery so… I thought I’d make you one.( overlapping chatter )These are like old–
oh, wait, I’m so confused.
I was like so confused…♪ Well I would go back
and set it straight ♪
♪ If I ever went away ♪You did this? Yes, is that okay? It’s more than okay. It’s amazing.♪ Take me or drive away ♪♪ To the unfamiliar places ♪♪ To get lost in
the way there ♪
♪ Counting tufts along
the pavement ♪
Hey, what’s going on?
You okay? Like you’d care. You know what?
Don’t let me ruin your fun. Go and dance or whatever. I kind of only came
just to see you. Here I am. What happened? I just saw Rooney kissing
my ex-boyfriend. That’s Drake, right? Yes. And I know I can’t really
be that upset, because I’m the one
who broke up with him, and I don’t have a claim
on him, but she didn’t even tell me
that she liked him. That’s so not cool. She should have talked
to you about it first. You agree with me? Yeah, I do. Well, this must be
the first time that we’ve agreed
since spring break. Yeah, well, I’ve actually been
wanting to explain to you why I wrote that article
about Home Ec. Honestly, can we just drop it? No, no. My mom left
when I was four. So I never really had
a mom. My dad raised me,
but he used to work
all the time. I just really wished
I had someone to make me lunch, make me dinner,
and bring me to school. I just never had
any of that. I’m really sorry. No, it’s okay,
I just wanted to let you know ’cause I realized what
the article made me seem, and I’m not a bad guy. And I’m sorry, I– just…
never mind. No, hey, what is it? It’s just been really hard
ever since my dad got remarried. Having to cope with my stepmom, I guess I just try
to keep it cool with you. I don’t know. I never really said that
to anyone about my family stuff. It’s okay.
I understand. Rhyme:Next time
on “Chicken Girls”…
Why would you wanna help me? I got my second chance
and you deserve one, too. Romeo and Juliet,
two star-crossed lovers fall madly in love
and then they die. I think you’re glossing over
a lot of the story. It seems like other people
may have forgotten it. I don’t know what to do. You’re always worrying
about everyone else, but maybe it’s time
you worry about yourself a little more.( music playing )

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