CHEEZE(치즈)_The top 5 hot places just for you!_Be There(취향저격 핫플 TOP5)

CHEEZE(치즈)_The top 5 hot places just for you!_Be There(취향저격 핫플 TOP5)

(Until when will you be about-to-date?)
(Top 5 hot places to ask out) (1. Swiss Village
Such a fairy tale like place near Seoul?) (I want to go on a date with you in this
lazy afternoon) (#Day 1 from today,
will my wish come true?) (On the streets there are
#Couple photo zone, #Lonely) (I want to take a picture with you
what are you doing?) (2. Old Gimyujeong Station
The closed station with unique style) (I’m just next to the Gimyujeong Station) (Can’t you come here now?) (I know you will, I’ll wait) (There’s something I must tell you today) (When I think about it) (#Smile, #Laughs) (3. Joung Do Mullegil Canoeing
Stop the about-to-date and let’s go canoe) (We need 10 minutes of safety training
to ride the canoe) (I need you now) (I was thinking at the quiet Mullegil) (#What would it be like if we color
each other like the sunset?) (It’s so bright to simply imagine
being with you) (But why are we still in
the about-to-date phase?) (4. L’atelier Kim:ga
Is it a garden or a cafe?) (We have become sweet like the sweets here) (As much as this plate is full) (If you come here, #You must try this) (#Angel Eggs) (#Camembert squid ink bread) (#Triple cheese bread) (Let’s stop the about-to-date phase) (It’s #Time to eat) (Am I eating too much?
#Tastes so good that I’m #Losing mind) (Come quickly) (5. Jade Garden
The garden of light perfect to ask out) (Oh! You’re here?) (I’m embarrassed to say) (#Open at night #Romantic,
I called you here because) (To you who make me smile) (I wanted to confess my shining heart) (Come here) (So what I want to tell you is!) (Will you go out with me and make it
day 1?) (#To you who is clueless) (#If you come here, it’s day 1) (#How about being courageous?) (#Let’s try it out! Those who are
about to date, try them out #Be there)

21 thoughts on “CHEEZE(치즈)_The top 5 hot places just for you!_Be There(취향저격 핫플 TOP5)

  1. ★ When I see this kind of food I want to sue McDonalds
    Don't be influenced by my name you weak f*ck

  2. มีใครเป็นคนไทยที่ชอบผู้หญิงคนนี้เหมือนกันบ้าง คอมเม้นหน่อยเร็ว ???

  3. 스위스마을 저기 청평역와서 2번 출구로 나오면 무료로 가는 버스있는데

  4. 와 달총 이런 영상이…. 심장 터질뻔했네요…ㅠㅠ

    근데 마지막 부분에 원더케이 추천 영상때문에 달총님 얼굴이 가리는게 추천 영상 뜨는거 없앨 수는 없나요?ㅠㅠ

  5. 정말 좋아할수밖에 없다 달총.. 노래도 잘하고 외모도 이쁘고 매력도 있고 대체 못하는게 뭡니까?? ㅎㅎㅎ

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