Carla Makes 30 Minute ‘Brick’ Chicken | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Carla Makes 30 Minute ‘Brick’ Chicken | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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  1. So, for most of my life I wanted to try "Beef Wellington" and a couple of years ago I made it. I mean, who wouldn't love beef, duxcel, and puff pastry? Well, I made it and it was TERRIBLE. The dough went dry on top and wet on the bottom, the meat was undercooked, and the duxcel was too thin to make any difference to the flavor. I was chewing on raw beef for AGES. So, a few months ago I thought, how could I make this better? And I had the thought, what if I make a meat-loaf filling, spread really thin between two sheets of puff pastry? I tried it. It was really good (if you ignored the fact that the bottom pastry was wet and gummy) and I thought i'd mention it to BA Test kitchen, because Beef Wellington SHOULD BE so great and it really isn't. Try it!

  2. Carla, you are like the house mother in a sheltered workshop for the incurably neurotic. Wonderful Video, thank you very much.

  3. Saw this, looks pretty straight forward and delicious!

    Tried it myself… burnt my left hand and threw the chicken across the kitchen and ordered dominoes.

    how dare you make things look easy <3

  4. Everyone's so in love with Claire, don't get me wrong I totally am too. But I think Carla definitely deserves some of that love too!

  5. Love Carla but hate the fact that she's not an on time gal. I'm so stubborn with times, you say 7 and I'll be there at 6:55 so I'm not late. But I'm helpful so I'm a good person to be early, lol ☺️🤣

  6. You activated my Siri and froze my phone lmfao she kept saying “yes……” “I’m here” 🤣😫🤣😫🤣😫🤣😫🤣

  7. I believe in you, love your recordings and cinema and feel wonderful when I watch you and love being your student. Thank you so much for producing and sharing your talents. This could be the most beautiful video of music I've seen and enjoyed in a good long while. Thank you for producing and sharing with the world. Crushi 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 +

  8. Did I miss it or did she never say how long to preheat the pan and what temp to cook the chicken at?

  9. Claire tries to make a gourmet meal out of common commissary items found in prison – I will comment this until it happens

  10. The Mezzaluna thing works because of its arched blade – it gently cuts through the herbs, without the up-and-down crushing force.

  11. Anyone else have Siri pop up when Carla started yelling in the drawer? Took me a while to realize it wasn’t the editors trolling us.

  12. Carla is my favorite auntie forever! she's the best most laid back teacher i will totally make this and have her "no pressure" vibe

    Edit: lmao chris never right clicking makes him an uncle 😂😂😂 i love how he has the most expansive knowledge on things and yet very minimal on other things.. man i love the BA crew so much

  13. I’m a paramedic and that crunch when she presses down to flatten the chicken is exactly what the first few compressions of CPR sound like. 😳

  14. Cooking temp. Recipe ‘link’ states 350; pop up bubble during vid says preheat oven to 500?? Love your channel❤️❤️

  15. You folks, unlike so many other youtube "chefs", don't use so much bloody plastic. You can use a few paper towels, if you like, because they help balance the compost.

  16. I just want Carla and Chris Morocco to have a boozy brunch show on here. They are literally my two favorite wine aunts.

  17. Never have I felt more attacked than when Carla came for my Nigella Lawson inspired mezza luna.

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