100 thoughts on “$3 Chicken Vs. $62 Chicken • Taiwan

  1. Umm.. idk where I’ve been that I’ve missed these two on Buzzfeed?? When I saw all the views on a previous video, I clicked and assumed it had to be an older video but now I see these guys are DEFINITELY FAN FAVORITES/TOP DOGS for Buzzfeed!! I didn’t know I could be anymore obsessed with BF content.. then I find this 💎 👏🏽 👏🏽

  2. am i the only one confused bc the first chicken was 3$ then the other chicken was 1.80$ but the 3$ is supposed to be the cheapest ?

  3. Best momments:
    When Andrew splashed Annie with water using scallions
    When Steven asked Ingga to give fact
    When Steven asked what happended to the begggar
    The fish kiss part
    The hammering part
    Best episode!!

  4. Does anyone know what they are drinking by with the $62 dollar chicken? They didn’t say and it looks so good!

  5. If I saw an Asian guy with pink hair and a 'Phenomenally Asian' shirt I might slap him for the sheer pretentiousness of it, but I would certainly think that they must have no personality if all they could do with their individuality is claim to be Asian. What is the phenomenal part, the high IQ or the flat behind? 'Phenomenally Asian' is racist, plain and simple, but more importantly, it is boring. Would a shirt that said "Phenomenally White" be racist? Yes, mildly so, but more importantly it would also be boring.

  6. Andrew in the first season: "I'm not a 'cheers' person. Like take the tip of your pizza away from me."
    And now, 10:05, Andrew: "cheers".
    Hahaha. Love the growth! 😄

  7. This is one episode where you're all wrong…Beggar's Chicken all the way! The prep, visuals, the fun with hammers, the taste…it brings tears to my eyes 😭

  8. I’ve worked at two different restaurants where we served sparkling wine/champagne in Dallas/ft worth about a decade ago with fried chicken. I think it’s more common then Adam thinks.

  9. Steven: is currently in Taiwan

    Also Steven: This seems like the perfect opportunity to wear my Japanese shirt!

    If you don't get it you're bad at history or Gen Z.

  10. You guys seriously need to film fried chicken episode in Korea too. The Chimaek (chicken & beer) culture here is awersome^^

  11. I've noticed Americans say
    And in the U.K we pronounce it like the French do but with a British accent 😂

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