10 Amazingly Easy Steps You Must Do Before Starting Keto For Beginners

10 Amazingly Easy Steps You Must Do Before Starting Keto For Beginners

hello health champions what is the best
way to start the ketogenic diet and what would you want to do even before you
start the ketogenic diet so there’s going to be a lot of good information
for a beginner here but there’s also going to be a lot of value for someone
who’s already doing the ketogenic diet because it’s going to solidify all the
reasons and the understanding that you have of why you’re doing it coming right
up hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by
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to make sure you watch carefully on each of the 10 points so you get the full
understanding and also make sure you stay to the end because I’ve got a
really exciting bonus for you the ketogenic diet has received a lot of
attention in the recent years because people are getting results but there’s
also a lot of criticism there’s a lot of skepticism there’s some people who are
just totally opposed and then there’s others who say that reluctantly that yes
it does help with weight loss but you don’t want to do it long-term so there’s
a lot of fears like why would you want to do it if it helps but you can’t do it
long-term and all of that is based on misunderstanding so today we’re gonna
clear all of that out and we’re gonna give you the perfect way to start a
ketogenic diet a lot of people are afraid they don’t know if they can do it
right and they’ve also heard about all these reactions the keto flu the nausea
the stomach upset the headaches and I’m gonna show you a way where none of that
is gonna happen number one I would suggest that you set some goals and this
may sound a little strange what does that have to do with keto I just want to
lose weight well the more goals the more reason you have the more likely that
you’ll feel good about it and the more likely that you’re gonna follow through
so first of all you want to figure out what is your goal
do you want to lose weight you want to get healthy spell it out write down five
things you want to get more flexible you want to get more athletic you want to
have more energy spell it out and then you want to also give yourself sort of
the the negative motivation and this I’m not in favor of being negative but this
can be very very powerful you write down what will happen if you don’t change
what will it cost you health-wise what will it cost you in terms of quality of
life if you don’t change anything all right that can be very very powerful
because then right after that you look at the flip side of that and now you
talk about you spell out even more how do you want to feel how are you going to
feel when you’ve accomplished all those things when you have your ideal weight
when you’re flexible when you have the energy when your life is the way it’s
supposed to be spell it out give yourself five or ten different reasons
for each one of these points and then to really really sort of knock that out of
the park you will write down five to ten reasons
why you absolutely will succeed why you deserve it why you can do it and why it
will happen and if you take an hour or a couple of hours and you do this and then
you write it down in an easy form where you could look at it on a daily basis
there is no way that you can fail with this so the first why is personal why do
you want to do this the second why is why kedo what’s so special about Kida
what is it that that kita will do that other diet hamund done so here is where
we first need to understand that most of the health problems that we have most of
weight loss most of all the modern diseases are because of insulin
resistance the vast majority and the ketogenic diet is a very very powerful
tool to reverse insulin resistance because a high carb high sugar diet
triggers a lot of insulin when we have a lot
insulin for long periods of time we develop insulin resistance insulin
resistance creates even more insulin production over time and all that
insulin is a storage hormone so it clogs us up it packs on the fat and we develop
all these things associated with metabolic syndrome the type-2 diabetes
the high blood pressure the cardiovascular disease the increased
risk of stroke and also Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
all of these are insulin resistance so how does the ketogenic diet reverse that
well fat is the only thing that doesn’t really trigger any insulin so by cutting
back the sugars to a very low level cutting back the carbs you’re going to
trigger very little insulin but then you need to eat something else instead of
those sugars and carbs and the obvious choice then is fat because fat doesn’t
trigger insulin and the second thing that the ketogenic diet does is it
produces ketones there by the name and when you cut back the carbs the body has
to find an alternate fuel source which is fat and at first the fat will be in
the diet but as you get fat adapted your body will start burning the fat off the
body and when the insulin goes low enough now your body doesn’t care if you
get the fat from the diet or from the body it has equal easy access to both
which means that you start losing weight and your hunger goes down but a
byproduct of fat burning is ketones and ketones is the alternate fuel for the
brain so ketones is an alternate brain fuel if you eat a ton of carbohydrates
and sugar then almost a hundred percent of your brain fuel is going to be
glucose but if you get on a ketogenic diet then as you get into deeper
nutritional ketosis you will have up to 75
scent of the fuel for the brain be provided by ketones right so that’s a
good thing in itself but what’s even more important is that if you’re very
insulin resistant your brain can also become insulin resistant and the insulin
has different roles in the brain but basically if the brain is insulin
resistant then it doesn’t work quite right and it is lacking in fuel so now
if you produce ketones then you have a fuel for the brain that doesn’t depend
on insulin so you’ve bypassed the resistance of giving the brain the
resources and once you understand all of that you also understand that I know you
want to lose the weight but the weight is not the problem the weight loss is
not the goal the goal is to get healthy to get the insulin resistance lowered
and to provide some good fuel for the brain so your body starts working again
then you’ll reverse the metabolic syndrome and all of these things and
guess what the weight loss will be a bonus but don’t focus on it because it’s
really irrelevant I know it’s sort of what’s bugging you and you wanna get it
done but focus on the health and understand that the weight loss is just
the result of insulin resistance so you can lose weight by exercising five hours
a day you will lose some weight but you may not get your body back to balance
you may not reverse insulin resistance and then it’s gonna be a constant fight
and as long as you can’t any time you can’t keep up the five hours of working
out then the weight will tend to come back so you have to get the body to
balance you have to get healthy then the weight will come off number three thing
you want to do is to learn what foods are ketogenic and there’s a lot of
misconceptions here some people think that it’s all about bacon and meat and
fat and and butter and yes those are good things but that’s not the bulk or
not definitely not all of the food you’re eating
so any whole food that is non-starchy is okay what does that mean
so you can eat meat you can eat fish you can eat chicken you can eat venison but
you want to find a good quality and understand that if the animal was
unhealthy then it’s not going to be healthy for you if the animal was
unhealthy it’s gonna have all sorts of inflammation and the wrong ratios of
omega-3 fatty acids but if the animal was healthy then everything was taking
care of the animals imbalance and he will provide good nutrition for you then
you want to understand that you can eat fat whole healthy fat and you can eat
any non starchy vegetables okay so broccoli cauliflower you can eat
kale and lettuce and spinach and and beans and asparagus there’s hundreds and
hundreds of different items that are perfectly fine so it’s not just about
loading up on the fat and eating bacon you can have some bacon but have some
vegetables and some avocado and things with it and then you want to learn to
count net carbs and net carbs means that you look at the total amount of
carbohydrate in the food and then you subtract the fiber because fiber is
technically a carbohydrate but you can’t digest it so it doesn’t count for you it
doesn’t contribute to any blood sugar it doesn’t give you any calories it just
passes through so you don’t count it the fourth thing you want to do before you
start keto is you want to recover from fat phobia alright we have fat phobia
it’s so widespread it has penetrated every level of health care and education
whether people have are intelligent or not they just have fat phobia because we
heard it so many times but we need to understand about fat that fat is good
fat is food it’s a normal healthy part of what humans have eaten for as
as we have been around as long as it’s not altered alright if it comes from an
animal that healthy then it’s not altered if it comes from an avocado or a
coconut or from an olive then it’s healthy if we take the avocado or the
olive or the coconut and we squeeze it and we make oil it’s still good as long
as we don’t add excessive heat or chemicals so that’s why coconut oil and
extra virgin olive oil and butter are good fats because they are easy to
produce you don’t have to punish them you don’t have to destroy them you don’t
have to apply all that heat and pressure if it’s easy to get the fat out of them
then the fat is unaltered and it’s a good fat the thing to understand and the
biggest reason that they keep putting out studies that show that fat is bad is
because they don’t understand what insulin does and they don’t understand
what a low carb diet is earlier this morning I saw another study another
article and they said oh look saturated fat is bad and then they said on a
low-carb high-fat diet and they ate 40% of calories from fat and 40% of calories
from carbohydrate that is a moderate fat high carbohydrate diet it will keep the
insulin high and insulin plus fat is a bad thing because insulin doesn’t allow
you to burn the fat it doesn’t allow you to use the fat the whole point of this
is to allow the body to switch from a carbohydrate metabolism to a fat
metabolism and if the insulin is high you’re not allowing that switch and 40%
of calories from carbohydrate is going to keep insulin way way too high it
doesn’t give you a body a chance to recover from that insulin resistance so
whenever you see a study then ask yourself how did they study this are
they really understanding what they’re doing did they keep the carbohydrates
below 10% or in keto maybe even below 5% because if they didn’t it’s not a
low-carb high-fat study what you will find is if you do that if you keep your
carbs really low and you eat whole healthy fats from good sources then your
blood triglycerides will drop within days if you run the blood work they will
go down which proves that if your lower insulin you will burn the fats and then
fat is a good thing it becomes a fuel not a burden the fifth thing you want to
do is to throw away sugar okay some people say that you want to go through
your whole pantry or whole house and throw out anything that is not keto I
don’t think you have to start there but you do want to throw away anything that
is sugar anything that is sweet anything that has an addictive effect anything
that you know that you can’t have just one piece because those things are drugs
and they make you lose your equilibrium they make you lose your sense of hunger
they have drug-like effects and they will sabotage your efforts so you want
to throw away any candy ice cream potato chips
anything sweet anything processed or starchy alright because their drugs what
you can keep is dark chocolate and you want to find a good quality that you
like and if you can’t tolerate it yet you want to work your way up to where
you really enjoy seventy five percent or higher chocolate cocoa content why is
that because at that level the sugar is so diluted by cocoa that it doesn’t have
that drug effect and it’s different for different people so you’re gonna have to
experiment a little bit but what I find is I like 78
or 85% chocolate and if I have a piece then it’s very satisfying I don’t have
the urge to have another right whereas if you eat milk chocolate or you eat
chocolate with 50 percent then the first piece gives you a desire for more and
more and more and more and you can’t have that number six do you want to
start measuring something and I would strongly suggest you get a home kit to
measure blood glucose and ketones you don’t need to measure ketones right away
because there won’t be any but you want to get in the habit you want to have the
equipment and you want to learn a little bit about where your glucose levels are
and how it behaves with different foods and then as you get ready to go into
ketosis you want to have the kit ready so you can start measuring and seeing
what those changes are then I would also suggest you get a lab test either just
go to any lab where you just pay upfront or you can get it through your doctor at
a visit and you want to get the a 1c and you want to get fasting insulin because
I’ve done a lot of videos you could look at why that is important on insulin
resistance and home iír and so forth but you want to understand what your
baseline is and because first of all you can see where you are so you might see
how far do you have to go how hard are you gonna have to work what how drastic
of a change do you have to make but it’s also going to allow you to monitor
progress other than just on the scale and how you feel this will be a very
concrete measurement so these are the four things that I would suggest glucose
ketones a1c and fasting insulin get yourself a kit for home and get yourself
a lab test so you know where you stand as a baseline number seven is
electrolytes and if you go cold turkey which is not what we’re talking about in
this programming these recommendations then electrolytes can be a big problem
because you’re going to lose a lot of fluids you’re going to lose a lot
of electrolytes and that’s where most people get their keto flu their
headaches there they don’t feel good if you do it the way we’re talking about to
do it gradually then electrolytes are probably not going
to be an issue and you get plenty of electrolytes from your non starchy
vegetables and you can make sure that you get enough salt on your food you get
a good quality salt like a pink salt or a sea salt then you probably won’t have
any problems but it never hurts to be a little extra cautious because
electrolytes are super important not just if you’re doing the keto diet or
not all right you want to make sure that you you have enough and you notice how
you feel and so forth it’s very easy way to supplement number eight I would
strongly recommend that you start a food journal you can write it in on a piece
of paper in an Excel spreadsheet you can get a food app on your phone but you
want to keep track of what you’re eating for many reasons the first one is to be
honest with yourself so be totally 100% honest and put everything in there first
of all you’re gonna notice what you’re actually eating some people go oh my god
I had no idea I ate 22 times a day but other people
are also gonna notice that they once they get in the habit then you pick
something up and you go oh I have to put this in my journal well you know I
didn’t really want this that was just a habit I just picked it up because it
wasn’t there so it helps reinforce what your habits are and how to change them
the other reason for a food journal is that you can keep track of your
carbohydrates and in order to get into the ketogenic diet then you want to keep
them for most people at least below 50 carbs but most are probably going to
have to get down to 30 and for some people with really stubborn metabolism
and insulin resistance you might have to get down to 15 or even 10
at grams of carbs per day before you start reversing your insulin resistance
and before you start making significant ketones number nine learn to cook keto
foods so there are lots and lots of recipes out there so if you already know
how to cook then just go on the internet get yourself one or two or three good
cookbooks on the ketogenic lifestyles you have
ketogenic keto recipes and if you don’t know how to cook then you’d better learn
and it’s super easy it’s just one of those skills don’t give yourself any
excuses anymore just learn how to cook and by following these recipes and by
picking up a recipe here and there you’re gonna learn faster than you think
it’s like any other habit but it’s a life skill that you have to know if
you’re gonna be healthy in the long run so a good goal I think is to on the
internet or in a cookbook find two to three new recipes every week just try
stuff and some of it you’re gonna love and some of its gonna be not so
interesting and then you create a little archive of all the stuff you love and
before you know it you’ll have 10 15 20 wonderful recipes of food that you love
food that is satisfying that’s based on actual whole food and then you’re well
on your way that’s how you turn it into a lifestyle rather than just a diet
because diets don’t work if you think you’re doing something temporarily then
somewhere in the back your mind you’re planning to stop doing it and then
chances are you’re gonna go back to all the stuff that created the problem in
the first place maybe not all at once but you’ll start
down a slippery slope if you haven’t ingrained a really solid lifestyle habit
the tenth thing you want to do before starting a ketogenic diet I believe is
get fat adapted alright the whole point of this is to transition from a
carbohydrate dependent metabolism to a fat based metabolism
where your body learns to burn fat and where it can go comfortably and for long
periods without sugar and carbohydrates that’s called getting fat adapted and
the easiest way to do this is to start assuming that you eat three meals a day
or let’s say you eat three meals a day plus snacks then the first thing you do
is to reduce the snacks and then you replace one meal with a ketogenic meal
one of those things that you’ve learned to cook now so one meal a day is a
ketogenic meal and what you’ll find is if you were snacking before you won’t
want to snack anymore because the food is going to be so much more satisfying
it’s going to fill you up and you’ll have no need to to supplement your your
energy with any snacks alright and once your body is comfortable with once you
cut out the snacks and you’re comfortable with one ketogenic meal per
day then you replace a second meal per day assuming you eat three meals a day
so now you have two out of three meals being ketogenic and you are learning to
cook you’re learning to eat fewer meals your body is adapting and learning to
live off fat instead of carbohydrate and then once you feel ready for it now you
take all three meals you replace the third meal as well with a ketogenic meal
so you have three killer genic meals and you’re gonna feel very very good you’re
gonna feel satisfied and stable all right are you ready for your bonus the
very last thing that you need to do before starting a ketogenic diet is to
realize that by the time that you have done numbers items 1 through 10 it is
too late to start a ketogenic diet you have already started you are already
doing a ketogenic diet line style you have replaced three meals with
ketogenic meals and if you haven’t started measuring yet you will find by
now if you do that you are having ketones in your blood streams and that’s
probably why you’re feeling so much better at this point so this is how you
can transition into it without even realizing you’re doing it people talk
about the keto flu and these drastic changes and will I get hungry and for
some people that’s okay you can do that but in my humble opinion I would say
that if you do it this way it’s going to be so smooth you’re not even going to
notice it and before you even have realized it you are already on track to
doing what you want to do to reaching your health goals and it’s going to be
so easy so congratulations on your new lifestyle it is not dangerous if you eat
whole food and real food and a variety of food it is what we are supposed to
eat once you reach your health goal then you can decide if you want to start
introducing a little bit more carbs that may be okay depending on on where you
are some people probably want to keep the ketogenic lifestyle at least 80 90
to 100 percent for years and years and years others can probably go 5050
between a ketogenic and a low carb lifestyle figure out what works for you
experiment see where you feel the best where your insulin where your glucose
where all these different markers work the best and where you function the best
if you enjoyed this video make sure you take a look at that one as well I
appreciate you watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  37. VERY WELL DONE !! The best vid i've seen ! Thanks Doc you covered all the basics better than any one else in one short video.

  38. Yeah. It's a lifestyle and people are too saturated with false information that there's a bit of resistance when you talk to them. But I've been doing this for more than a half a year and I know of the improvements. It will puncture the mainstream. I am sure of it.

  39. just want to throw this in.My wife and I went keto about this time last year.For me it was to get rid of any fatty liver i may have had.Now,I'm 65 years old and weighed 68 Kilos at 5'6"(excuse the mixed systems) I was high end of normal range.I am now 61Kg's andneed fat bombs to prevent too much weight loss.My wife is 67,is 4'10" weighed 86Kilos.Has had one knee replacement,is NOT fit is awaiting another knee op plus rotator cuff.Point is she has very little muscle mass cannot excersise yet,with NO excersise, she has lost 20 Kilos and last monday paddled her kayak 10 k's(6 miles) after only being out three times before.Does keto work? Hell yes.Is it easy? yep.and too easy to maintain.We fell out of keto over long weekend with no gain and no ill effects.

  40. Thanks for the video, I've been doing keto for a while now lost 16 kg reduced inflammation but I can not get rid of having migraines at times any tips doc?

  41. My Personal View on Ketogenic diet is that you will see results of loosing fat but also you will loose your muscle mass and The Most Important thing you Will loose is Your "STRENGTH "

  42. I am doing keto and IF since October 2019 and I don't think I am fat adapted because I am hungry and I feel tired and fatigued from time to time. And when I eat carbs (sweets) I feel better. Is that normal? What can I do to improve my energy?

  43. PPT avoid the wrong people wrong places and wrong things for at least 30 to 60 to 90 days. Avoid fast food places or any place or thing that is a trigger and may cause you to relapse. Destress. Stop watching the news. Avoid toxic people or situations. Reduce stress. Walking without headphones is like meditation in motion. Consider reducing coffee consumption by switching to tea. L tyrosine can help reduce coffee cravings. Ashwagandha and chamomille tea help distress.
    Improve sleep quality.

    Eating the wrong types of food — sugar, refined carbohydrates, and coffee — can all be symptoms of excessive stress. Reduce stress, reduce cravings. Eat 4 to 5 eggs cooked in coconut oil for breakfast and eliminate food cravings plus a teaspoon of coconut oil. Avocado or guacamole severely reduces sugar cravings.

    "When you are stressed or when you are not sleeping well, then your hunger cravings are not honest.
    The root solution is not food, but reducing or coping with stress and learning how to get proper sleep."
    — Abel James, Fat Burning Man

  44. I hesitate to purchase a blood glucose monitor for home as they seem to be not very accurate.

    Anybody have any recommendations?

    Thank you!

  45. I have noticed recently I've been having an issue with pickles. Before keto I hated pickles, these days I can't seem to get enough of them, especially dill pickles (hamburger dills specifically). I have done some research and what I've found is that I'm probably low on sodium but is it honestly normal for me to crave pickles with nearly every meal? Especially since I use keto chow Electrolyte drops in every beverage I drink during the day AND put pink salt on my food?

  46. I just can't believe people don't know how to search u-tube to answer questions like " how do you make home made coconut butter?" Just do search like —do it yourself coconut butter —or simply what does that food do? — u- tube search — health benefits of ( any food or spice) —- exactly why is that so difficult?

  47. Doctor Ekberg
    Once i started Keto diet
    On Sundays I used to change the food to rice and as usual
    Then from Monday onwards back to keto style
    In three weeks of that changing style made me admitted in hospital
    Tell us how to stop keto diet
    Please Doctor

  48. First time commenting, I’m a great admirer of your work… any advice for diabetics on making that transition to a ketogenic diet ?.. I heard it may take longer to get far adapted as it may take several weeks to produce ketone bodies… thus leaving the body feeling very weak… thank you

  49. Well to me most bacon is a higly processed “food”
    🥓 salted belly fat from pigs piving in small boxes fed on grain.
    Then they use some chemicals to make us belive its smoked.
    Then its sliced and wraped in plastic. How many eat pigs as lived in the woods .. really

  50. Mushrooms sauteed with bacon, pink sea salt and asparagus and 1 egg are my favourite breakfast. 2 eggs if I've just done a 24 hrs fast. Substitute a hamburger patty or small steak or a filleted chicken breast to change for supper. Hot Italian style sausage (check ingredients for sugar) and canned diced tomatoes with ACV and some steamed spring mix tossed in ghee or avocado oil and sprinkled with pink sea salt makes a great supper. I have no cravings anymore but I really do miss bread. Looking through recipes for bread that doesn't use wheat, rye or barley: so far I've tried 1/2 coconut flour and 1/4 ground flax and 1/4 garbanzo but not happy with the taste, yet. At first I had to use a little sea salt to get me through the first 24 hrs fast but now I have no problem and starting next month I'm going for 2 fasts a week. I noticed changes in motivation already, and I have fewer skin tags. Between your advice and Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Jason Fung, I am going to get this metabolic syndrome kicked to the curb! Thank you so very much for helping us change our lives.

  51. I used IF on occasion with a low to moderate carbohydrate diet while power lifting. More recently I've reduced my muscle mass and use IF OMAD in conjunction with the Keto and carnivore lifestyle. The results for me have been quite profound in many ways and at 58, some of the positive changes have been very welcome eg, I don't have to get up at night anymore and downward mood change or depression is virtually non existent in me. I continue to train incorporating HIIT and weight lifting. Typically I eat grass fed beef steak, eggs, some vegetables and bone broth from grass fed beef marrow bones. At 6'1" I've come down from a lean 255 LBS to around a very lean 205. Jeff.

  52. Hi Dr.Ekberg. Thanks for all the informative videos. I started keto a few months ago guided by your videos and it's working as my insulin resistance threshold are very low.

    My question is, how does ketones enter cells? If sugar, insulin opens the cell wall. What triggers ketone penetration into cells?

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