[사랑하는 나의 친구] EP#2.절친에게 고백하는 방법?! (ENG SUB)

[사랑하는 나의 친구] EP#2.절친에게 고백하는 방법?! (ENG SUB)

‘When you like a friend’ ‘When a girl likes a girl’ What are you doing? Huh?! What are you hiding? Let me see It’s nothing That’s even more suspicious What have you been looking at? I said it’s nothing! Why do you straighten your face? I did not You did I was a little hurt So? What do you mean by ‘so’? You got hurt and what? What am I doing You know This is a story of my friend Friend who? Someone in a different class Anyway she has a best friend since she was young and one day that friend started to bother her Bother? Did her face change or something? No not like that Like her heart pounds or she wants to touch the friend A male friend Huh? Our school is a girls’ high school Not a male friend Just a friend Wow So? I mean just because your heart pounds when you see someone can you be sure that you like that person? Even if your sexual orientation is not like that? How do you know what your orientation is? Because.. It’s easy to delude yourself People who are tall and cool are popular even in girls’ high school Right Or she might have found her identity I don’t think so Come to think of it I haven’t seen you like a boy idol Really? Hey! I said it’s about my friend, not me So who do you like It’s about my friend Okay Then who does that friend like? Yoohyun Oh my god I knew it Why? Didn’t she try to kiss you? I mean, try to kiss your friend? How did you know? She’s always like that She suddenly hugs or jokes around by pretending to kiss She’s a little tough so there are several kids who struggled because of that Aha… I see She seems to be enjoying that too But I guess it’s the first time she’s done that to you Yes I hope you work it out I’m going Do you want to go the cafe later? Let’s play at my house Did you eat? Kim Heeju Hey Let’s go together It’s so hard going to school after break Isn’t it? Yeah The teacher took my tint away and I barely got it back Really I’m starting to think of going to an academy Do you want to go too? No Let’s go together It would be so boring to go alone Let’s go Don’t touch me Let go of me What’s up with you these days? What? You’re avoiding me and not even speaking to me Did I do something wrong? It’s annoying What is it You have to tell me You’ll never know Hey You’re really making me angry You’re the one who’s been playing with me Play with you? Me? See You don’t know Heeju… Just leave me alone for a while Then I’ll get better No If I let you go now I think I’ll never see you again I I… like you What?

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    https://www.instagram.com/uhyeonii_ – 유현님
    https://www.instagram.com/ga_h_ram – 가람님
    입니다 🙂

  2. 저도 여잔데 제 친구를 좋아해요.걔가 예쁘고 장난두 많이 걸고 애교도 부리고 뒤에서 많이 챙겨줘서 좋아요ㅠ더 친한 애한테도 얘기를 안하던걸 저한테 어떤 남자애가 나 좋아한다했다고 하고 걔가 가끔 저한테 셀카를 보내는데 예쁘냐고 물어보면 예쁘다고 하면 들킬까봐 뭐라 못하겠고 나 좀 그만 좋아해라며 장난 칠땐 제가 시선을 피하고 걔랑 얼굴도 잘 못마주치겠어요ㅠ어떡하죠?..

  3. 여잔데 지금 1년넘게 짝사랑하는 여자애가 있는데 이거 새벽에 보다가 새벽감성 터져서 펑펑 울어버렸다…

  4. 저 상담해주는 친구 되게 좋은 성격을 가지고있네요
    보통사람들은 "더럽다" 라며 피하는데
    이해해주는걸 보니 마음이 따뜻해집니다
    그나저나 걸크러쉬쩐다 언니 사랑해요

  5. i know girls who do this… flirt so much with girls who like girls and doesnt think about what the other person might feel… Paasa… in tagalog..
    gives u false hope

  6. 엇 .. 상담해주시던 분 ! .. 그 1학년 새내기에서 대구사람으로 나오셔서 귀엽게 사투리 쓰시던 그 분이다 ❤❤❤❤ ㅠㅠㅠ

  7. 그냥 난 그 사람의 성별부터 따질게 아니라 나랑 잘 맞는가 내가 이 사람을 정말 좋아하고 신경쓰고 사랑하는가가 중요하다 생각함
    지금 내가 설레고 신경쓰이고 좋아 하는 사람이 이성이든 동성이든 뭐든간에 마음이 중요하다봄
    나도 뭐 여자한테 설렐때도 있고 남자한테 설렐때도 있는걸
    제대로 알기도 어려운 사람 마음을 성별로 굳이 나누려 하지말자.

  8. 이거보면서즌맬혼자설레고난리낫습니다배개던지고인형던지고 … 만들어주셔서감사합니다굉굉

  9. 근데…. 두 여주분 실제 커플인가여? 아님 웹드 시나리오가 그렇게 만들어졌나요??

  10. 세상 인식이 진짜 좋아졌다
    이런 퀴어 웹드라마도 점점 많이 나오고,
    사람들 반응도 점점 아무렇지 않게 자연스럽게 되어가고
    진짜 진짜 좋다

  11. 키크고 멋있으면.. 이라뇨.
    귀엽고 예쁜 여자가 최고입니다^^
    그런 애들이 오히려 인기 제일 많음
    이쁘고 귀여운 애들 ㅜㅜ같은 여자도 녹여버린다고 해야하나… 흐

  12. 전 2학년부터 현재5학년까지 한번도안떨어지고 4년간 같은반이었눈데
    처음부터좋아했죠..근데 어렸을때 장난으로 고백도해보고했눈데…
    5학년 초반에 사건이터졌죵…
    제 여사친 절친과 사귄걸 아는데
    그걸 약간말하니 그때부터 카톡읽씹에
    저번에 갑자기 미국갔는데 최근에
    갑자기 사과를 받아주는거에요.
    ㅎ넘나좋았지만 다시 읽씹이라죠…ㅉㅉ….

  13. This is really my story????
    …but can someone pls tell me how to confess your love to your ex-bff becz i broke up our friendship also with my bff as i wasn't able to control my feelings for her anymore and neither had enough courage to confess my love for her????

  14. I’m sure they have always loved each other as friends. But that “I like you”, at that precise moment says it all and took it to a whole new level. So cute.

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