활발 여사친 소심 여사친 (ENG SUB)

활발 여사친 소심 여사친 (ENG SUB)

Hey The school meal for today was so bad. Don’t you think so? Almost It was pretty similar to the meal in a boot camp How do you know about the meal in a boot camp? It’s just a figure of speech Shall we go to grab some burgers? Why should we have burgers? Hot soup and rice… You mean you want to have some soup and rice, right? Yeah, Korean blood sausage soup Excuse me… Let’s go I can’t eat Korean blood sausage soup Outgoing female friend vs Timid female friend Hey, Daha Yoon! Ah! Are you okay? Why is the basketball is on the ground?! Gosh… You’re clumsy Should you say that right now? I think I twisted my ankle How come you couldn’t see it? Why do you have your eyes? I’m annoyed already. Please don’t say that and leave I don’t think I can carry you on my back Give me your bag Why? Hurry up Put your arm Alright, one Two Three! Are you okay? I had a large size of Korean blood sausage soup yesterday. I’m fine Thank you Don’t say that. It makes me cringe #1 Talks coldly but acts gently Did you cut your finger? Yeah, when I turned the page of a book earlier Oh I’m sorry Why? You should end up if you have started #2 Touching is hard for her
– Thank you On the weekend, if you’re okay to watch a movie with me If you’re okay to watch a movie with me on the weekend A movie with me on the weekend, if you don’t mind… Why it’s getting worse? Seyoung, what’s up? I mean You mean what? Well… If you’re okay If I’m okay, then what? Huh? It’s Daha. Wait a minute Hey Why do you never answer my call? Where are you? #3 Thinks too much and makes a mistake at the end Okay. See you then. Bye You have lots of friends What What’s your plan for this weekend? This weekend? Saturday? Or Sunday? Whenever Um I meet Jihun on this Saturday A film club on this Sunday I meet my middle school friends on next Saturday I’m free on the third Sunday in next month What? Hey, the movie wouldn’t be played at the theater at that time What do you want to watch? Forget it #4 Has plans for almost all weekends Ex, Excuse… #5 It’s hard to say ‘Excuse me’ for her How many friends do you have? Including acquaintances About 1000 people? 1000 people? Yup Wow How many male friends do you have then? About 100 people? Male… 100 male friends… Yes You’re the best #6 Has so many male friends Daha has more than 100 male friends She’s amazing, isn’t she? Yeah I think she can go in the Guinness Book of Records But It really bothers me Why? Out of them How many male friends would like her? Daha is cute Maybe almost all of them would like Ha… 100 rivals How many male friends do you have? I have only one Only one? Who? Oh… That’s me Do you have a lot of female friends? I have two #7 Has few male friends Are you not interested in guys? It’s not I’m not interested in I see People who are good at studying are only interested in studying It’s not I’m not interested in guys How about you? If Christmas comes around the corner Don’t you feel like anxious or nervous? I feel like I have to make a girlfriend I want to make a girlfriend before high school senior! Something like that and I will ruin my college entrance exam if I make a girlfriend during my senior year I think like those at the same time Me too Oh, we have a lot in common I thought we have more What? We like similar music and movie It’s also similar what we like and dislike That’s right We talked about that before I was very thankful at that time Really? At that time You didn’t look at me And You didn’t talk to me I thought you didn’t like me No, it was not I didn’t like you Alright Ah I should cancel the movie tickets Huh? I booked this movie tickets as well – Really?
– Yes There are a few theaters that play this movie It’s finishing soon, so I will go to watch this movie this week That’s great Watch my share and tell me how it is Hold on Huh? Do you want to go to watch it with me if you don’t mind? I thought you have an appointment Ah, my appointment has been canceled Okay But buy me a meal, okay? Sure! I’ve liked you Before we become high school seniors My boyfriend… Do you want to spend Christmas with me? Oh? This is okay Hello, Daha Hey, are you busy? Why? You told me to watch a movie together earlier Can I still join? Pardon? My appointment has been canceled as my friend has something to do all of a sudden I want to watch it if you’re okay Yes, you can still join me Hello, Mingyu Hello I have something urgent I don’t think I can watch a movie with you today Oh… Okay I will buy you a meal next time Alright, I’m fine I’m so sorry Then Hello? Hello? #8 Can’t say honestly when it hurts her feeling Oh The movie made me sleep from the beginning Don’t you like romantic movies? Not really What genre do you like then? I like action movies Especially I really like zombie movies Hey, The Walking Dead 10 is screening nowadays It’s amazing. It’s crazy I’ve never watched The Walking Dead My friend You still have a reason to live Huh? Mingyu… You said you have something to say by the way What is it? Well That’s Why do you hesitate? Well Do you need money? I like you Really? Do you want to spend this Christmas with me? Do you want to spend this Christmas with me? I’m sorry I’ve never thought of you as more than a friend That’s If you have time to think more… Nope I don’t want to date with anyone now You’re so firm Then, can we become friends again… How come it’s possible? I shouldn’t confess to you I lost all If time passes We could be comfortable with each other You’re really amazing How come like that You talk too straight That’s me I’m leaving Alright I shouldn’t confess to her I made a mistake… I shouldn’t confess to her! Are you… okay? – A year ago – Excuse me Earphones got tangled in your bag Here you are Thank you so much You are Seyoung in class 4, aren’t you? Do you know me? I saw you several times when you were with Daha I’m Daha’s friend as well Talk comfortably Yes You can talk comfortably Yes! I said talk comfortably Yes! Huh? It’s Eternal Sunshine Yeah, do you know this? Of course It’s one of my best films Do you like old films? Yes, I like classical romantic movies Usually with some music What else do you like? Um… – Moulin Rouge
– Moulin Rouge Huh? You seemed like saying the movie Do you have music from Moulin Rouge? Yes #9 Thinks the people very preciously who give their interest in her

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  1. https://instagram.com/charmy_4588 – 세영님 (소심)
    https://instagram.com/_daha_96 – 다하님 (활발)
    https://instagram.com/kang_mg5898 – 민규님 (남사친)
    https://instagram.com/cheezefilm_official – 치즈필름
    감사합니다 ☺️

  2. 근데 이해가 안되네, 맨날. 왜 고백했다고 사이가 틀어지는지….차이고 마음정리 확실히 한거면 다시 친구여도 문제될 건 없지않나?

  3. 단발머리님 주황색 이렇게 어울릴 일? 오렌지 셰도우 어울리는 애 처음 봄 귀여어 심지어 웅! 이랑 여부세여… 래 ㅠㅠ 귀요미

  4. 현실은..소심한 여사친은 그냥 반에서 은따/찐따일 확률 99%인ㄴ데….얼굴이 다 했잖아 저건

  5. 단발 여주(?)분 딱 내스타일이야!
    나도 저런 친구있었으면…ㅎ
    소심하지만,성격이 좋다면는은!ㅎ
    순진하게 생기셨다?

    #9 자신에게 관심을 가져 주는 사람을
    매유 소중하게 생각한다.

  6. 나 : 야 너 팔 올려봐
    남사친 : ㅇㅇ ㅇㅋ
    나 : 아오 ㅆ ㅈㄴ 무겁네 니 살좀빼라
    남사친 : 니나 살빼
    나 : 나 겁나 가볍거든?!
    남사친 : ㅉㅉ

  7. 단발 언니는 살구하고 복숭아같구
    검은 웨이브 언니는 포도하고 체리같음
    왜인지는 모르겠음

  8. 아 진짜 단발머리분 미쳤음ㅁ ,, 아니 어쩜 ,, 쨋든ㄴ 이뻐..너무..이뻐ㅓㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ진짜 개여신ㄴ ,,,❤❤❤

  9. 근데 난 활발한 편인데 집순이라 주말엔 안나감ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 걍 나갈때만 활발.. 집에만 있어서 나갈때 에너지 다쓰고옴

  10. 와 단발분 진짜 미세먼지 한번도 마셔 본 적 없는 물방물 안에서 자랐을것같음….목소리도 진짜 청정구역에서 하 그냥 ㅜㅠㅠ 뭐야 진짜 투디같아

  11. 왜 전 활발한데
    남사친이 한명이에요 빼애에ㅐ애앱ㅣ!!!!
    근데 그남사친이 너무 소심해빠졌어요.
    답답해서 화병올것같아요..

  12. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ일본애니에서나 나올법한 친구같음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. 단발머리분 진짜 너무 귀엽고 이쁘구
    순수해보이공 목소리도 너무 이뻐ㅠ
    오늘부터 팬입니댜!♡

  14. 단발 여자분 완전 갖고싶다…
    소심한 여자 만나봤지만… 처음엔 뭔가 수줍수줍 뽀작뽀작 보호본능에 설레고 안아주고싶지만 시간이 지날수록 답답터지고 말도 안하고….. 그 사람이 그런거겠지만 답답 터져서 쥭는쥴

  15. 저런친구 있었는데 내가 좀 활발한 편이어서 걔도 성격 많이 활발해지고 친한 애들도 꽤 생겼었는데 나 이간질하고 뒷담 까다가 걸림. 처음엔 버팅기다가 나중에 울면서 사과함. 자기도 중심이 되어보고 싶었다고 지랄함. 소심해서 못하다가 친구 꽤 생기니까 내 뒷담 까면서 더 끈끈해져서 큰 무리 만들고 이끌 계획이었대. 존나 소름끼쳐

  16. 이래서 남자 여자는 친구 못 된다는 거임.
    그냥 애초에 거리두고 여지없이 남녀가 커플이거나 남이어야 트러블 안 생겨.
    친구처럼 지내고 이성으로 안 보인다면서 베프먹고 있는 애들은 다들 쿨병 걸린 거야

  17. 저는 아무래도 소심한데.. 애들이 너무 잘해주네요.
    전 축복받았어요..ㅠㅠ

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